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Farmhouse wall shelves bring a beautiful rustic style to your home’s design. What’s even better is the fact that they are very flexible in terms of their ability to mingle with other design concepts. Whether you want your rustic shelves to stand out as part of your farmhouse wall decor, or be part of the overall rustic theme of your house, you certainly won’t have to worry about them ending up looking out of place in your home.

We put together a list of Farmhouse themed shelves that are perfect for your wall. You can put these rustic shelves in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, and you can even put some outdoors.

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Types of Farmhouse Shelves

We listed some of the popular types of farmhouse wall shelves below. There are only several different shelf styles but you will find a variety of styles and colors ranging from rustic white to brown to black.

Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves

Rustic bathroom shelves are great for additional storage in your bathroom. Also, they look beautiful because you can find distressed wood hanging wall shelves that can store some of your bathroom items and additional farmhouse bathroom decor.

You will some different bathroom shelf styles including small farmhouse bathroom shelves, modern shelves, floating shelves over the toilet, and more. There are some fun DIY farmhouse shelf projects here that can be used in a bathroom.

Bathroom Farmhouse Shelves For Sale

You can shop our entire collection of bathroom shelves here.