150+ Farmhouse Shelves & Rustic Shelves

farmhouse shelves

Farmhouse wall shelves bring that inimitable rustic twist to your home’s design. What’s even better is the fact that they are very flexible in terms of their ability to mingle with other design concepts. Whether you want them to stand out or be part of the overall rustic theme of your house, you certainly won’t have to worry about them ending up looking out of place in your home.

We put together a list of Farmhouse shelves and rustic shelves that are perfect for your wall. You can put them in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room, and you can even put some outdoors.

Farmhouse Shelves



What are Farmhouse Wall Shelves?

These shelves are named as such because they are what you will usually find in houses in rural areas in the States. Their material also lends a lot to what they look like as they are usually made from rustic or reclaimed wood. This gives them their unique appearance which can only be achieved with time and previous use.

They are usually painted in colors that range from dark brown and light brown to black and rustic white. This is why if you are a lover of countryside homes and rural nostalgia, these shelves are definitely perfect for you. Their simple appearance opens plenty of opportunities for you to experiment on what items and decorations to place on them. This is a real plus if you’re prioritizing flexibility in design ideas.

Types of Farmhouse Shelves

We listed some of the popular types of farmhouse wall shelves below. There are only several different shelf styles but you will find a variety of colors ranging from rustic white to brown to black.

Floating Farmhouse Shelves

These shelves are “floating” simply because they give off the impression that they are not supported by anything. They are usually attached to walls by using screws, which are where most of their support comes from. Don’t underestimate floating farmhouse shelves, though, as most are very sturdy as long as they are attached to the wall properly. This is the most common type of farmhouse wall wood shelves you’ll usually see.

Kitchen Farmhouse Shelves

If there’s one room in most countryside homes that gives off that homey, rustic feel, it’s the kitchen. This is why you’re still thinking of where to put these shelves in your home, the kitchen should certainly be one of your primary candidates.

These shelves can really serve as effective accents to your kitchen’s design, especially if you’ll think carefully about what you’ll put on them. A white ceramic gravy bowl perhaps? How about some coffee and tea containers? You also can’t go wrong with items that you’ll usually see in farms (e.g. milk pails and buckets, etc.) The possibilities are myriad, to say the least.

Farmhouse Shelf Brackets

While these farmhouse wall shelves look good enough as they are in their floating variations, by no means does this mean that you they’re limited to that along. For one, it would also be great to add farmhouse shelf brackets to them. Not only do these brackets offer extra support, but they also give a touch of extra charm to your shelves in general.

They are usually made up of iron with plenty of designs to choose from. Designs usually range from casual curved brackets and more modern-looking flat metal sheets to ones that are more intricately designed. They are commonly colored black as this makes them easy to pair with the colors that the farmhouse shelves usually come in.

In Summary

When you want to improve your farmhouse wall decor, adding rustic shelves can make a huge difference. They are easy to hang and affordable so they make for the perfect wall decoration. Hopefully you are able to find your new farmhouse shelf set for your home. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you need any help.

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