Choosing the Best Rustic and Farmhouse Coffee Tables

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It can be difficult to find the right farmhouse coffee table for your home. We have a huge collection of rustic themed coffee tables for a country style living room. You can see our entire collection and browse every table we have below.

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What is a Farmhouse Coffee Table?

A farmhouse coffee table has a rustic, handcrafted look that evokes the functionality of antique furniture passed down through generations on a family farm. Key identifying features include:

  • Made of natural materials like wood, metal, or stone
  • Simple, sturdy construction with visible joinery
  • Distressed paints or stains for a timeworn appearance
  • vintage-inspired hardware like cast iron braces or nailheads
  • Often rests on a handcrafted base or feet

Farmhouse coffee tables have an approachable, casual style despite their meticulous craftsmanship. They provide a bit of country character whether placed in a dedicated farmhouse decor living room or as an accent in a more modern space.

Benefits of a Farmhouse Coffee Table

Beyond their nostalgic style, farmhouse coffee tables offer versatility and practicality:

Matches various design aesthetics – Farmhouse mixes well with traditional, rustic, cottage, industrial, and eclectic decors.

Durable and functional – Made to last for generations with quality joinery and sturdy natural materials.

Offers storage space – Many feature bottom shelves or drawers to stow books, blankets or remote controls.

Conversation piece – Harvest table-style tops and bold bases become talking points.

Easy to decorateRustic wood tops pair nicely with ceramic vases, candles or baskets.

Farmhouse coffee tables make captivating, durable focal points full of character and craftsmanship to anchor your living room.

Popular Styles and Key Features

Farmhouse coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most popular styles and their distinguishing features:

Rustic Plank Top

  • Made from varying widths of long reclaimed wood planks for visual interest
  • Often has hand-forged metal strapping or brackets as accents
  • Casters on base create easy mobility

Repurposed Wood

  • Crafted from recycled barn wood, wine barrels, crates, shutters, etc.
  • Retains nails, bolts, openings and patinas from former use to show age
  • Often combined with powder-coated metal bases

Harvest Table

  • Inspired by expansive farm dining tables
  • Usually oversized with very thick, wide wood plank tabletop
  • Often completed by turned wood legs and stretcher base

Weathered Finish

  • Signs of natural aging like dings, grain patterns, checks and nail holes
  • Finished with grey, whitewashed or pickled paints and stains
  • Often accentuated with rubbed edges to show distressing


  • Two or three tabletops at varying heights for function and display
  • Smaller tiers good for books, decor or drink coasters
  • Different shaped tops, like circles layered on rectangles

Salvaged Base

  • Creative repurposed bases like antique sewing machines or machinery
  • Contrasts refined wood tabletop with industrial foundation
  • Great way to display beloved heirloom pieces

Choosing the Right Size

Farmhouse coffee tables come in standard sizes, but lean larger to complement expansive family rooms or living spaces with high ceilings.

Small: 30-36 inches wide. Best for small sitting areas.

Medium: 40-50 inches wide. Fits average sofas and living rooms.

Large: Over 50 inches wide. For big sectionals and grand spaces.

Pro Tip: When in doubt, size up to create a substantial anchor for your furniture arrangement.

Be sure to measure your space carefully, accounting for traffic lanes. Also note ceiling height, as taller ceilings call for a larger coffee table that grounds the furniture.

Designing the Rest of the Room

The farmhouse coffee table sets the rustic tone for the rest of the space. Complement it with:

  • Slipcovered sofas and overstuffed chairs in natural fabrics
  • Fireplace mantel decorated with framed botanical prints
  • Jute rug layered over hardwood floors
  • Curtains in gauzy cotton, burlap or linen
  • Wall accents like etched mirrors, sconces and reclaimed wood shelving

Incorporate earthy and organic elements like woven baskets, dried florals, pottery and greenery for an inviting farmhouse feel.

Selecting the Perfect Material

Farmhouse coffee tables are commonly crafted from these natural materials:


Hearty hardwoods like oak suit the rugged style, while whitewashed pine or rustic cedar offer lighter variations. Salvaged barn wood is ideal for repurposed tops.


Wrought iron, powder-coated steel, and galvanized tin lend industrial accents. Iron strapping and brackets reinforce wood tops.


Slate, marbled travertine, and sandstone make durable rustic surfaces. Soapstone is soft and carved for intricate details.


Incorporates the handmade feel of saddle leather. Waterproof leather is good for drink coasters.

Mixing wood plank tops with metal bases combines natural and industrial elements for an eclectic look. Consider your existing decor when selecting materials.

How to Choose Farmhouse Coffee Tables

If a generic farmhouse coffee table is not to your taste, you might look to invest in some more authentic examples. For example, old barn doors can be upcycled to create a unique table. You could even use the cast iron hinges of the doors to add even more decorative character, or if you have wrought iron hinges you can use those on your coffee table. In addition, you can use reclaimed wood from old pieces of furniture. One idea that jumps to mind is to use old barn floor boards complete with the iron nails as a decorative table top feature.

In Summary

There are some amazing examples of beautiful farmhouse tables constructed to be unique and fit your home specifically. Ultimately, a farmhouse coffee table is as unique as the person who wants to own one. Yes, they are often rustic looking with a shabby chic quality, but they are so much more than that. Coffee tables are wonderful and perfect for your farmhouse decor. They are both incredibly versatile and resilient but also filled with charming character.

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