Farmhouse Coffee Tables

farmhouse coffee table

Farmhouse coffee tables can offer an eye catching central feature to any family room, lounge or living space. They come in many styles to suit a variety of tastes. Some popular options include recycled barn doors as coffee table tops, rustic wood, and distressed wood. Farmhouse coffee tables can truly be whatever you want them to be but they usually feature wood and iron.

Farmhouse coffee tables are often constructed from chunky solid timber that is built to last. They are often rectangular in shape but can just as easily be square or round and are often given a rustic finish. This usually means that the wood is dyed, treated and indeed glossed to give it a rustic almost worn look. The wood that is used can be old and distressed or most likely new. The overall finish most certainly will not be without marks or digs but this is what gives the table plenty of character.

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Prices are subject to change based on price but you can sort our favorite farm home style coffee tables based on your overall budget. The options start above $100 and can cost thousands of dollars depending on the features, shapes, sizes, color, and wood quality.

Farmhouse Coffee Tables

You can find all of the best farm home style coffee tables below. We listed them by price so within each price you will find white, brown, wood, distressed, square, round, vintage, and rustic farmhouse coffee tables.

Farmhouse Coffee Tables Priced $100-$300


How to Choose Farmhouse Coffee Tables

If a generic farmhouse coffee table is not to your taste, you might look to invest in some more authentic examples. For example, old barn doors can be upcycled to create a unique table. You could even use the cast iron hinges of the doors to add even more decorative character, or if you have wrought iron hinges you can use those on your coffee table. In addition, you can use reclaimed wood from old pieces of furniture. One idea that jumps to mind is to use old barn floor boards complete with the iron nails as a decorative table top feature.

In Summary

There are some amazing examples of beautiful farmhouse tables constructed to be unique and fit your home specifically. Ultimately, a farmhouse coffee table is as unique as the person who wants to own one. Yes, they are often rustic looking with a shabby chic quality, but they are so much more than that. Coffee tables are wonderful and perfect for your farmhouse decor. They are both incredibly versatile and resilient but also filled with charming character.

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