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From a brightly lit and cheery room to a dim space, farmhouse lamps can set the tone of a room. These small but decorative pieces can go into your living room and bedroom to make them beautiful. Rustic table lamps and farmhouse floor lamps are very practical and are available in multiple designs such as rustic, industrial, country, vintage and modern themes. We listed a variety of rustic lamps for sale below, including table lamps, floor lamps, and farmhouse lamp shades.
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Best Farmhouse Lamps

At first, we list rustic table lamps, but as you scroll below you will also find farmhouse floor lamps and lamp shades.


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Farmhouse Floor Lamps


Farmhouse Floor Lamps

Uttermost 28180-1 Vetralla

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How to Choose Farmhouse Lamps

Farmhouse themed lamps are making a big comeback into both modern and rural homes in the name of farmhouse table lamps. Although they might sound old school, these pieces of art are classy and stunning. Their most notable characteristic is the distinct culture and history they convey.

Where to Find Farmhouse Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

It can be difficult to find rustic themed lamps. When you go to your local store, they will likely have an array of styles you can choose from. However, a place like Farmhouse Goals will curate the best farmhouse style floor lamps and table lamps so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Farm Home Lamp Themes

Depending on the mood, feel and look you want in your room, you can select the theme that matches the existing décor. Alternatively, you can opt for mix-match style because you never go wrong with lamps. There are both modern and antique styles and the theme to choose is based on your individual personality. Some popular options include farmhouse distressed lamps, modern lamps, wood lamps, and industrial lamps.

Farmhouse Lamp Colors

The main colors you will find are different shades of brown and grey. You can find lamps that feature rustic wood and others that feature industrial wrought iron. Personally, I like lamps that incorporate different materials and colors. In addition, you can find farmhouse lamps that are red, white, black, dark brown, blue, and more. Many times, the colors will look like antiques and they will be distressed.

Improve Your Farmhouse Living Room and Bedrooms

There are many ways on how you can place and style farmhouse rustic table lamps. Considering how gorgeous they are, you can place them anywhere including your living room, bedroom, end of the hallway, in a large bathroom, foyer area, and dining and many more. They are rustic and timeless and can give your room a tranquil and coherent look. Additionally, these lamps also make a wonderful statement in your children bedroom. The soft glow the produce make them great gift elements that you can include your child’s room to touch their hearts and moods.

Farmhouse Lamp Material

Farmhouse table lamps are uniquely designed from materials such as metal, glass, wood, and ceramic. The materials have different durability and longevity. You also have to choose from light brown and white shades to compliment the rest of your room.

In Summary

Lamps obviously play a huge part of your home decor. From the lamp theme you choose and the places you put them, they can be just what your living room or bedroom was missing. In addition, you can use them for night time light and for reading. Set the tone and complete the décor of your room with farmhouse lamps.

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