Discover the best farmhouse decor and farm home style decorations. We have farmhouse sinks, curtains, area rugs, furniture, bedding, lighting, decorations, and more. Rustic decor doesn’t have to be difficult to find, which is why we listed some of the top-rated products below.

Farmhouse Decor

We have a huge list of farmhouse wall decor, farmhouse Christmas decor, modern farmhouse decor, and more.


Farmhouse Design Inspirations

When you are decorating your farm home, you want to find ideas for farmhouse living rooms, farmhouse kitchens, modern farmhouse designs, farmhouse pantry designs and more. We have plenty of farmhouse design ideas below.


Farmhouse Furniture

You obviously need farmhouse furniture all throughout your country home. We did our best to list the top-rated farmhouse dining tables, sofas, tv stands, cabinets, nightstands, and more. Whether you want farmhouse bedroom furniture or living room furniture, we have you covered below.


Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse and apron-front sinks are very popular in every style home. Whether you have a farmhouse beach home, country home, or an industrial modern home, you can find a sink for your kitchen and vessel sinks for your bathrooms below.


Farmhouse Wall Decor

Farmhouse wall decor can include options like wall art, clocks, wooden signs, shelves, and more. One of the best ways to improve your home decor is to paint your walls and to add farm home wall decorations.


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Farmhouse Christmas Decor

We have a variety of farmhouse Christmas ornaments, signs, rustic Christmas decorations, and everything you need for your farmhouse holiday. Farm home decor is absolutely beautiful and unique throughout the holiday season.


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What is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse decor involves a combination of rustic, vintage, modern, and industrial themes. The decor focuses on creating a warm, cozy, and relaxing space full of character and charm. Farmhouse decor emphasizes more on keeping in tune with nature. For instance, the natural wood accent is a must-have for all farmhouse decor styles.

Farmhouse Home Decor Themes

Among the popular themes in farmhouse decor ideas include vintage, rustic, country, and shabby chic themes. Generally, the styles feature weathered wood and colors such as white, grey, beige, light brown, and dark brown.

Vintage Farmhouse Decor

Even though it is not mandatory that you fill your entire room with everything vintage, having some vintage elements can help spruce things up. For instance, an antique or vintage farmhouse chair can be paired with a vintage table, bed or sofa. Vintage lamps can also be incorporated to lend some character to your room. When using vintage items, it is also advisable to complement them with calming neutral colors. This is because there’s too much energy in colors and can help add up and amplify the décor of a vintage themed home. Colors such as cream, weathered blue, light brown, grey and beige are often used.

Rustic Farmhouse Decor

This design emphasizes on ruggedness and natural beauty. With the significant presence of natural wood, rustic design can bring a harmonious and adaptable design that can suit virtually any environment. For those who might find rustic more traditional, heavy and dark, there is the contemporary rustic theme to consider. This one feels fresh, dainty, grounded and more real. Rustic setting transitions the outside into in. Natural raw materials are used in architectural and décor pieces. When selected correctly, rustic style can bring a cohesive and aesthetically appealing theme in a home. It also doesn’t overlook practicality and durability.

Country Farmhouse Decor

This features soft muted colors, primitive furniture, vintage fabrics, and milk-paint finishes. The decor varies depending on geographical location. The focus here is making the home feel warm and inviting. The commonly used materials include reclaimed or weathered wood. To avoid making things appear stuffy and dated, modern elements can be integrated. Natural hues and tones such as dark and light brown work well in country themed designs. The same theme can be used for lighting fixtures, furniture, and even flooring. Simple accessories can also be used to accentuate the theme.

Farmhouse Shabby Chic Decor

Also known as cottage style, shabby chic resembles French country design. It is a very friendly, warm and forgiving decor style. The design is simple and uncluttered. It can include things such as wicker, woven, weathered, worn out or natural burlap and linen. Shabby chic style can raise eyebrows, especially when used along with new and fresh elements. It can include pale frames in entryways, weathered barn doors, woven baskets, wooden windows, ornate lighting fixtures and furniture and more.

In Summary

Farmhouse decor is the way to go if you adore ancient rural living. It is all about balancing a few modern features with old elements to bring out a custom and personal decor style. The popular themes in farmhouse decor include country, rustic, vintage and shabby chic. Colors such as light and dark brown, beige, white, weathered blue and grey are very common.

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