Farmhouse Christmas Decorations and Holiday Decor

farmhouse christmas decorations

Finding the best farmhouse Christmas decorations can be very difficult. You have to look through a lot of ideas and inspiration to find looks that work for your farm style home. If you are having trouble with finding farmhouse Christmas decor, our article will help you throw the perfect occasion.

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Farmhouse Christmas Decorations


Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Reindeer Merry Christmas Sign – Rustic Reclaimed Wood – Handpainted (Whitewash)

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor

Shimmer Burlap Creme Ruffle Trim Rustic Christmas Tree Skirt, 50 inches, Holiday Decoration

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Farmhouse Christmas Signs

If you click on the following link, you can find all of our farmhouse Christmas wall decor and wall signs. We listed some of our favorite options below.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor


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Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

If you click on the following link, you can find all of our farmhouse Christmas ornaments. We listed some of our favorite options below.

Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

Using rustic Christmas Stockings can set the Christmas mood throughout your home. To create a rustic look, you can use bold patterns and prints. In addition, there are plenty of white and brown stockings that will work perfect for a country home. Hang the Christmas stockings on your mantle. You can also hang them on your kitchen wall, off a bar, and around the Christmas tree.

Farmhouse Christmas Garlands

Rustic Christmas garlands can be used around a staircase banister, over a mantle, outside your front door, and of course around your tree. You want to find the right farmhouse garland for the holiday season, so we put together some varieties that include beads, burlap, and cotton.

Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths

The front door of your farm home absolutely needs a farmhouse Christmas wreath. There are a variety of farm wreath styles including cotton, lavender, burlap, bows, pine cones and more. We listed some of our favorite rustic holiday wreaths below.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirts

You can’t complete your tree without a rustic Christmas tree skirt. We listed our favorite farm home tree skirts below, which includes burlap, buffalo check, plaid styles, and more.

Farmhouse Christmas Pillows

Your sofas, accent chairs, and beds absolutely need rustic Christmas throw pillows. One easy way to use farmhouse Christmas throw pillows is to utilize pillow covers, which can be used and then replaced after the holiday season.

Rae Dunn Christmas Decor

If you want to find some unique Christmas decorations for a farm home, check out some of the products below by Rae Dunn. They are all very high-quality and will last for every holiday season.

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Farmhouse Advent Calendars

Advent calendars are pretty great for a farmhouse Christmas decor since they are intrinsically rustic in nature. An advent calendar can be made in form of a tree branch with some small decorations such as tiny wreaths and Christmas tree ornaments hanging from it. Some leftover wood pieces can also be arranged in the form of a Christmas tree and decorated with some small muslin bags each with a number printed on them to resemble a calendar.

Distressed Wood Christmas Decorations

Using distressed wood will help you achieve a rustic look. There are many ways to use distressed wood for Christmas decorations. You can use distressed wood to create a wall poster and use chalk paint to create beautiful writing. It is also possible to use distressed wood to create a flower box to display your Christmas flowers. The box can also be used to store candy for guests or even Christmas gifts.

Rustic Christmas Lanterns and Candle Holders

Instead of using the traditional Christmas lights. Using lanterns is an excellent way to achieve a farmhouse look. Using lanterns or candle holders can create that old vintage look. When you use lanterns or candle holders, try to make them look personalized using paint. You can always paint them to match the theme of your home.

Embroidery and Knitted Items for Farm Style

Using embroidery and knitted items for farm style is an excellent way to achieve a farm style. Embroidery can be used for pillow cases and also for tablecloths. Using knitted items for wall décor is also a good way to achieve a farm style.

Galvanized Metal Buckets

The easiest way to incorporate a rustic look and obtain a farmhouse style is using galvanized metal buckets. These buckets can be used to display flowers and also the Christmas tree.

Ornamental Glass

Getting the real ornamental glass can be expensive but you can still improvise with modern glass. Just look for glass flower vases or candle holders that have an antique look and display them in your home.

Creating a farmhouse Christmas style is all about combining different styles. Using a combination of different styles will help you achieve a farmhouse theme. Some of the styles you can combine are industrial, farm style, rustic, antique and vintage. A farmhouse style allows you to be as creative during Christmas as possible.

Farm Home Christmas Decorating Tips

If you need more help with farm style holiday decorating tips, we have more ideas below.

Use Farmhouse Holiday Decor Inspiration

Before you run to the store and before you start online shopping, look at websites like to find more farm decor holiday inspiration and ideas. You will be able to find wall signs that match your home, rustic ornaments, and more.

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decorations

There are hundreds of rustic Christmas trees and farm style Christmas tree pictures, which can help you find ornaments, garlands, lights, tree skirts, and tree toppers that work perfect for your tree. If you put your Christmas tree in the living room, you can get colors and styles that match the rest of your country home.

Find a Decor Balance

You don’t just want to mix-and-match hundreds of different farmhouse styles for your Christmas, you want to find balance. Make sure you a