White Farmhouse Shelves & White Rustic Shelves

farmhouse white shelves

Most of us want to have white themes in our farmhouse living rooms and kitchens. One way to add a pop of white to any room is by adding white farmhouse shelves. We have realized that bright farmhouse designs bring in precious extra light to our homes. As a matter of fact, you can even use the color white all around the house. While you still want other colors as part of your color scheme, we put together a huge list of white rustic shelves below.

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How to Choose White Farmhouse Shelves

White is a must-have color for farmhouse decorations. It can be difficult to choose the exact white shelf you want. Do you want a rustic shelf or a modern white shelf on your wall? What size shelf do you need? Are you looking for floating shelves? What are the best shelf decorations for white shelves?

We answer these questions and more below so you can choose the perfect shelf combination for any room in the house.

Finishing Touches With White Farmhouse Shelves

When you want to add a splash of color to a white decorating theme, there are a plethora of ways in which you can do so. Yes, you can hang some brightly colored paintings on the wall, but that can easily risk giving the home an even cooler appearance.

White Farmhouse Shelf Decorations

Instead of choosing to make a big bold statement, why not add some white rustic shelves to your decor? Plenty of homeowners love white farmhouse style shelves to which they add decorative colorful objects.

Smaller objects such as vases, photo frames, and colored glass often have more of an impact than larger items. They draw the eye to look at them. As a result, they will stand out more.

Plants as Shelf Decorations

Decorating with plants looks great and is good for our home environment. Plants produce oxygen that helps to keep the air clean in any room.

When you have been gifted with green fingers, you more than likely would like to showcase your plants. Nothing will make your plants stand out more and make them look better than a couple of white rustic shelves scattered around the room. Place your white farmhouse shelves at different levels throughout the room, fill them with plants, and you will soon have brought nature into your room.

The color green makes white look just amazing, and you now have yet another natural color to work with as part of your decorating theme.

White Shelves Can Go in Any Room

White rustic shelves are perfect for any room in the house. Try adding them to your kids’ room so that they can easily store their favorite stuff. Don’t forget white farmhouse shelves even belong in the bathroom to give your bathroom a fresh clean feel. Take a look around your home and you will soon find a space for a white rustic shelf or two.

In Summary

It’s not easy to choose the right decorations for your farmhouse wall decor. However, shelves can go great in an entryway, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. Therefore, you just need to find the right white farmhouse shelf for the empty space on your walls. Thanks for reading today!

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