Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves: Ideas For Your Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen shelf

One of the best ways to maximize space in a kitchen is with farmhouse kitchen shelves. They can be useful whether you add a small shelf that is utilized to hold spices, or a large shelf that is used to store bowls, plates, and mugs. We put together a list of different rustic kitchen shelves that can match any kitchen. The key is to find a wood style and a shelf size that fits your individual kitchen. In addition, you should choose whether you want floating shelves, shelf brackets, or shelves with iron pipes.

36 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves For Sale



Kitchen Shelf Ideas and Inspiration

One of the best ways to choose any kitchen shelf is to look at design ideas. I pulled some of my favorite examples of shelves being used in kitchens, which you can use in your farm home.

How to Choose Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves

There are 5 major factors when choosing any shelf: style, color, size, theme, and quality. Once you decide on a shelf size and come up with your budget, you can start shopping based on color, theme, and style.

When it comes to rustic kitchen shelving, some common colors for the shelf itself include white, distressed white, beige, light brown, and dark brown. Two of the most popular themes include industrial shelves and modern shelves. We give some helpful tips for choosing the right shelf for your home below.

Farmhouse Kitchen Themes

There are different farmhouse styles and themes you can choose from for your home. Some people prefer a contemporary modern style, whereas others prefer an older antique style. Still others prefer a combination, leading to a rustic meets modernity style.

One of the most common places to find strong themes within the home is in the kitchen and how the shelving is arranged. Farmhouse kitchen shelving can be used to achieve either type of look. For instance, the appliances may be modern, but set off by rustic kitchen shelves, bringing the two styles together to create the most unique kitchen. Rustic kitchen shelves are often equated with farmhouse kitchen shelves.

Farmhouse Wood Kitchen Shelves

Farmhouse kitchen shelves are generally made out of wood and boards, but they may be styled in such a way that they are modernized, such as through painting. On the other hand, the wood may be treated so that they appear to be rustic kitchen shelves. In other cases, one set of shelves may have both styles in one set-up. For example, metal may be used to create the frame for shelving, while the shelving itself is based on distressed wood.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Shelves

Farmhouse kitchen shelves and rustic kitchen shelves can be used to create a variety of styles within the kitchen. The most appealing aspect of these shelves is that they can be used for storage and for beauty. Moreover, the different types of shelving can be used for the development of a modern farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Kitchen Shelf Sizes

Some farmhouse kitchens will use long shelves on both sides of the stove, which can be used to store spices, flour, oil, and more seasonings. On the other hand, smaller kitchens can benefit from small shelves that add additional storage and style without taking up any additional pantry or counter space.

6 Ideas For Farmhouse Kitchen Shelves

Open Shelving

Open shelving is very popular in farmhouse kitchens. The simple, wall-mounted shelves showcase pots, pans, and beautiful dishware. Open shelves give a kitchen an airy, relaxed feel. They also provide easy access to frequently used items.

Ladder Shelves

Ladder-style shelves often incorporate salvaged barn wood. Leaning ladder shelves give character to empty wall space. They provide charming display space for cookbooks, plants, or farmhouse decor. Ladder shelves have a vintage, rustic vibe.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves add modern flair to farmhouse kitchens. Mounted singly or in a line, floating shelves create useful space for small appliances, cookbooks, or decor. They have a light, airy look that pairs well with farmhouse styles.

Butcher Block Shelves

Sturdy butcher block shelving is perfect for storing heavy cookware. The thick wood shelves can handle cast iron pans and heavy dishes. Butcher block has a tough, industrial look that suits farmhouse kitchens. It adds warmth and texture.

Baker’s Racks

Baker’s racks provide storage and display space. The metal scaffolded shelves are great for showing off pretty dish collections. Baker’s racks give height to kitchens. They can add organization around high-traffic work areas.

Wall-Mounted Pot Racks

Wall-mounted pot racks utilize vertical space for storage. The racks allow for pots, pans, and utensils to be displayed. Mounted near the stove, they provide easy access while cooking. Pot racks lend an organized, utilitarian look.


At the end of the day, the wall decorations and shelves you choose can go a long way. With so many sizes, styles, themes, and materials, it can be difficult to make a choice. I recommend finding a farmhouse shelf that will match the overall theme of your home. Lastly, don’t be afraid to incorporate shelves in the different rooms of your farm home. Thanks for reading my blog article!

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