Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves & Rustic Bath Shelves

farmhouse bathroom shelves

If you are looking to give your bathroom a bit more character, then adding a rustic touch to it may be the right approach for you. Farmhouse bathroom shelves can add a beautiful country feeling to your bathroom and make your home feel a bit homier in the process.

We put together a list of the top-rated rustic bathroom shelves for your home. Bathroom shelves can be a wonderful way to store additional bathroom products and you can even include farmhouse bathroom decor on each shelf as well.

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Farmhouse Bathroom Shelf Ideas & Inspiration

One of the best ways to find the right shelf is to look at other bathroom designs that incorporate shelves. We listed some different designs and bathrooms that you can use for inspiration.

How to Choose Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves

From sizes to colors to pricing to styles, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing bathroom shelves. Here are a few things to consider when looking for this style of bathroom shelving.

Farmhouse Modern Bathroom Shelves

One of the most popular themes is modern farmhouse because it combines elegant decor with rustic style. You can use this theme in your bathroom as well when you are installing shelves. Modern shelves can either be floating farmhouse shelves or shelves with bars for towels. Lastly, the wood is generally not overly distressed and galvanized steel pipes are used.

Shelves Made of Wood

Wood is the most common option when it comes to a shelf material in farm homes. Whether you are adding a farmhouse shelf to your bathroom or another room in your country home, you generally choose wood with a distressed look.

Rustic Wood Bathroom Shelves

The main feature of rustic bathroom shelves is the distressed and raw look to the wood. While you don’t necessarily want your bathroom shelves to actually be as primitively designed or manufactured as shelves of the past, there are a few ways to get that distressed look without sacrificing quality.

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Shelves

Using shelves made with reclaimed wood is one way to get that distressed look. Wood that has been around the block a few times will show some age and character that a skillful carpenter can put to use in interesting ways. Not all reclaimed wood may be suitable for reuse as rustic bathroom shelves, but by carefully selecting which pieces to use for the shelving you or whoever is making the shelves can craft them into tough and attractive furniture.

Second-Grade Wood Bathroom Shelves

Another option is to use some rawer looking second-grade wood for the shelving. This wood may be perfectly fine for use in shelving but may have odd grain, whorls, or knotholes that make it less desirable for conventional furniture. Wood with these defects may be great for crafting farmhouse bathroom shelves out of though as the defects add character to the wood.

In Summary

The main key is to find the right sized shelf for your bathroom and the highest-quality option to fit your budget. Lastly, the color should make your bathroom pop when you add a new shelf.

Your choice of wood for rustic bathroom shelves may also be a plus for the environment. By reusing old wood or using rough wood that may not find a buyer otherwise, you help reduce the amount of new wood that is harvested from forests. So your bathroom shelves may help both your home decor and the environment

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