Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor & Wall Signs

farmhouse kitchen wall decor

Below, you will find some of our favorite farmhouse style kitchen wall signs, wall art, wall decals, and wall decor. If you are decorating a farm home kitchen, the products below are perfect when you get started.

Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

Embossed Metal Farmers Market Sign Rusic Farmhouse Antique White Decor

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How to Choose Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Decor

Farmhouse kitchens have a very unique look and feel. An important element to creating this vibe is the wall decor. Different elements influence your farmhouse kitchen wall decor including colors, style trends, and types of wall art decorations. Let’s talk briefly about each one of them.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Signs

Modern farmhouse kitchens usually have a more minimalist vibe. If you like clean and simple decorations, this is the one for you. The color palette in these types of kitchen styles has white as the main character; walls are usually painted all in this color or covered in white brick-like tiles. Natural wooden cabinets play a big part in the decorations of these white walls. To complete the look, people hang wooden or natural colored signs and frames in their walls.

Rustic Kitchen Wall Art

For a rustic farmhouse kitchen, walls tend to be loaded with vintage decorations. Pottery, crock collections, and woven baskets are some of the main pieces in the walls. One of the trends in this kitchen style is the farmhouse kitchen wall art that people hang. This includes 3D cutout wooden letters, rustic wood framed quotes or paintings, barrel decorations, words made out of big scrabble pieces, hanging plant pots, cloths, or simple wood frames.

Antique Style Kitchen Art

Antique style farmhouse kitchen wall decor is characterized by the collection of authentic rescued elements in it; most of these come in old metal or darker woods which give the walls a unique predominant color. These kitchen walls are overloaded with decorations including classic billboards, plates, old style cabinets, hanging wooden kitchen tools, and the classic word signs.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sign Words and Sayings

As you can see, farmhouse kitchen wall signs are an important part of their wall decorations. They’re usually based on inspiring and motivational words like: grace, blessed, compassion, brave, gather, family, kindness, faith, love, and many other of the sort.

In Summary

Choosing either of these styles for your kitchen will have you always in a positive and uplifting mood thanks to the ambiance with neutral colors, natural materials, classic decorations, and motivational signs. All of these farmhouse kitchen wall decorations will help you and your family stress less and adopt calmness as a way of living.

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