Farmhouse Bar Stools & Rustic Bar Stools

farmhouse bar stool

Farmhouse bar stools are very popular in farm homes, particularly in kitchens, bar areas, at the island, and dining rooms. They not only provide comfort, but they also bring country vibes to your kitchen counter or home bar. Rustic bar stools are absolutely wonderful because they provide seating and beauty. If you’re out to buy one or a complete set, then don’t just focus on bar stool height but emphasize a bit on style, material, fabric and finish.

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Types of Farmhouse Bar Stools

There are plenty of styles when it comes to rustic bar stools. When you purchase a set of stools, they can come in a variety of colors, materials, themes, and more. I listed some of the most popular types of country bar stools below.

For those who value beautiful and simple living areas, you will love farmhouse bar stools due to the ageless fashion statements they hold. Farmhouse counter stools aren’t just space-savvy, either. They are great additions that can elevate the appeal and functionality of your kitchen.

Farmhouse Metal Bar Stools

Metal combines both style and quality. It is ageless and not manipulated by what new fashion may throw in. Vintage farmhouse metallic bar stools, not just mere additions. They bring an industrial touch to your kitchen. The solid metal comes with an excellent polish finish for enduring splendor and support. There are no more worries regarding those unsightly scratches and dents. These stools are ideal if you want to bring that restaurant or café look right into your home kitchen.

Farmhouse Swivel Bar Stools

With 360-degree turning abilities, these stools can give you free range of motion. Whether you’re in a late night family conversation or a get-together event, swivel bar stools are versatile and highly functional. The swivel style is integrated with the rustic vintage farmhouse design for an enhanced feel and look of your kitchen or dining area.

Farmhouse Bar Stools With Backs

With functional back support, these stools exude stately experience. Whether you plan to pull up some friends, relatives or family members for a hearty festive dinner party or something, these can be very fashionable. The splat backs together with the slender footrests and comfortable seating posture create a vintage vibe for your guests. They are very supportive and stable.

Farmhouse Wood Bar Stools

These will never let you down if you want to bring an understated flair into your dining room or kitchen breakfast corner. Wood isn’t just supportive but stylish as well. In fact, it can complement any décor of a shabby chic, coastal, lodge-themed or country living.

In Summary

Rustic farmhouse bar stools are suitable for any setting. With their simple farmhouse styles, these bar stools can emphasize a lavish and decorative kitchen table or counter. Whether it is a backless one, wooden, metallic, or swivel, farmhouse bar stools can accent your style and even match your existing kitchen or dining room décor.

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