Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture and Rustic Bedroom Furniture

farmhouse bedroom furniture set

With so many options, it can be challenging to find the farmhouse bedroom furniture of your dreams. You can choose between thousands of farmhouse bed frames, headboards, dressers, cabinets, nightstands, benches, and more.

Our goal was to put together a complete guide to rustic bedroom furniture for your farm home. You will find plenty of farm style wood furniture below that will fit in any home style you can imagine.

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture Sets

We started by listed a variety of rustic bedroom sets below. It can make the process much easier by purchasing matching furniture for each bedroom in your home.

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Hi End Cowhide Rustic Bedroom Set with Fluer De Lis and Rope Accents 6 Piece Complete (Queen Size Set)

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Farmhouse Beds and Farmhouse Bed Frames

The most important part to any bedroom is your bed. You need a rustic bed frame in order to place your box spring and mattress. We listed some high-quality wood frames below that are durable, comfortable, and beautiful.

Farmhouse Desks

Many farmhouse bedrooms feature a desk, especially for farm homes without a home office.You may want a place to do additional work or browse your computer in your downtime. That’s where a rustic desk comes in handy right in the bedroom.

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

ACME Vendome Cherry Desk with Hutch

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Farmhouse Dressers

You need a place to put your clothes, which is where a rustic dresser comes in. There are horizontal styles, vertical styles, and any type of rustic wood option you can find.

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Evolur Madison Double Dresser

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Evolur Julienne 6 Double Dresser

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Baby Relax Macy

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Deco 79 Wood Basket Dresser

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Baby Relax Ridgeline

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Deco 79 Wood 4-Basket Chest

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Deco 79 Wood Dresser

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Baby Relax Hathaway

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Farmhouse Headboards

I believe the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is a rustic headboard. You don’t want a flat bed with no frame or headboard behind it. In addition, a shabby chic wood headboard looks beautiful in any bedroom.

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Black Twin Bookcase Headboard

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Farmhouse Nightstands

You need a place for your alarm clock (or your phone), a lamp, the book your reading, and additional storage next to your bed. That’s why you need to find a country style rustic nightstand set for your bedroom as well.

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Deco 79 Wood Stand

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Deco Wood Side Table

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Nina Night Stand/End Table

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Casual Home Owl Night Stand

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How to Choose Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

There is always a first time for everything. Your first time decorating your farmhouse bedroom is going to be exciting, challenging, and empowering. You will learn a lot as you decorate and buy furniture along the way.

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture Ideas

We listed some of our top furniture ideas for your inspiration below. One major way to find inspiration is to look at farmhouse bedroom designs and copy the ones you like most.

  1. Combine Modern Farmhouse Styles

  2. Modern styles of decorating farmhouses celebrate the traditional and at the same time embrace the contemporary. By making use of antiques, found objects, or old memorabilia, you can combine modern and traditional farm home bedroom styles.

  3. Use Rustic Wood Headboards

  4. Re-purposed items and rustic wood are often found in farmhouses. For instance, why make use of the regular headboard when you can have one that looks like it was handmade with wood.

  5. Timeless Quilts and Bedding Sets

  6. Classic quilts and decorating themes go hand in hand. Even though you might be able to get a timeless quilt online or in a shop, purchase one that belongs in a farm home. Don’t opt for a boring bedding set, find one that matches the bedrooms color and style.

  7. Complete Farmhouse Bedroom Sets

  8. One easy way to choose furniture is to find a matching bedroom set that includes a dresser, bed frame, headboard, and nightstands. Instead of mixing and matching pieces of furniture, buy a set that matches perfectly.

  9. Rustic Wood Dressers

  10. Go with classic looking wood while opting for a dresser, and make sure the drawers are even. The most common colors for a farmhouse dresser include antique white, light brown, dark brown, and grey.

  11. Create a Bedroom Sitting Space

  12. You can create a small sitting area by the window to have a lovely view of the surrounding. In addition, farmhouse gliders, rocking chairs, and benches can be placed in a bedroom for additional seating.

  13. Complete Your Bedroom Wall Decor

  14. The farmhouse wall decor in your bedroom can include farmhouse shelves, farmhouse wall art, and more. Inspirational quotes and farm style paintings can give your bedroom a quick makeover. Using wall decorations around your TV and above your headboard can make a positive difference in your bedroom.

  15. Shiplap Walls

  16. Mostly white, they are the hallmarks of any stylish farmhouse. They can also be colored in soft hues, such as pale grayish. Shiplaps give your farmhouse bedroom a warm touch that could have a nostalgic feel.

Should You Use Farmhouse Bedroom Decor?

You do not need to live on a farm to incorporate farmhouse decor. It is very popular, so you need to focus on creating a country vibe throughout your home. The best part is that farmhouse decor is warm, welcoming, simple, and cozy. It does not matter where you live, you can always incorporate farm style in your bedroom.

Farmhouse Bedroom Colors

You don’t need any bright colors and can utilize neutral colors on the walls. Neutral colors can help create a cozier and calmer feel around in your room. Bright colors can be used as accents on throw pillows or wall decorations, but for the most part you want to use rustic whites and weathered brown colors.

Farmhouse Wood Bedroom Furniture

Also try including wood in different forms into your decorations to give the room a more rustic appearance. Antique washboards and spindles are a great idea. What makes farmhouse popular is the characteristics of the style of wood, having rustic bedroom furniture that looks rough with some sawmill markings and a realistic look.

In Summary

The best part about farmhouse bedroom decor and bedroom furniture is you have a lot of different options. You can find everything you need with the products above, and you may simply want to opt for a farmhouse bedroom set to make everything as easy as possible.

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