Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

farmhouse kitchens

A farmhouse kitchen is more than just a place for preparing and cooking food. It is also a spot where you can receive guests and host family gatherings. Being the heart of your home, you’ll probably want to make it as distinct and decorative as possible. One way of going the artistic and unique way is to revive the 19th-century farmhouse kitchen design. There is an unlimited array of exquisite farmhouse kitchen design ideas to consider. Among the popular designs include modern farmhouse kitchens, rustic farmhouse kitchens, industrial farmhouse kitchens, white farmhouse kitchens, and small farmhouse kitchens.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

This style focuses on warmth and plainness. It basically combines both worlds to bring the most decorative and functional space. The use of natural materials such as wood and galvanized steel is greatly emphasized. The neutral texture is also common with cream being the standard option. The cream hue can be paired with other neutrals, bolds and bright colors. The design doesn’t have to be too much countrified, instead, elements can feature imperfections in painting or materials used. For instance, weathered dining, table, and chairs can be used. The use of muted patterns with cloudy-sky hues make the design very revolutionary. To spice it up, you can include things such as industrial lighting (for an added feel), all-white paneled ceiling (to bring an airy feel), and contemporary accessories (for a more rustic look) and many more.

Rustic Farm Home Kitchens

This is extremely modest and old-fashioned. Rustic design features elements such as wrought iron hardware and warm wood tones. The design is commonly used in cabins and log homes. Cabinets can be built from old barns or reclaimed lumber. The wood used can have distinct features like slight imperfections, wide grain, and even knots. All these bring a more rustic charm to the cabinets. The cabinet doors can be equipped with recessed doors with flat panels. Basically, a lot of hand carvings have been incorporated into this design. To maintain the integrity of the design throughout your kitchen, try to conceal appliances behind cabinet panels.

White Farmhouse Kitchens

It’s hard to go wrong with white when it comes to re-designing your cooking space. Among the common features in this design include open shelving, mixed materials, salvaged wood accents, complementary colors, stone countertops, organized cabinets, and extended entryways. The design is both warm and stylish. The open shelving is emphasized as it makes it very economical as everything is within reach and sight.

Industrial Farmhouse Kitchens

With a blend of both industrial and modern features, this kitchen design is quite trendy. There are unlimited possibilities right from the cabinets, through lighting fixtures and even flooring. Walls can be given bright shine to make space look spacious and airy. Casual wood can be used to bring some simplicity yet making it functional. However, décor elements should be used sparingly as too much can make it feel somehow dated.

Small Farmhouse Kitchens

This is an amazing as well as easy-to-customize design. You can mix colors right from the walls to window frames to bring out an excellent décor. For instance, complementing black window frames with white walls can result in an exclusive glamor. A small rectangular table made of recessed wood with a traditional sink can also bring a cohesive look. Flooring can be given a splash of natural colors like light or dark brown.