Farmhouse Shelf Brackets & Rustic Shelf Brackets

farmhouse shelf brackets

When thinking about interior design, farmhouse shelf brackets can really be an impressive, eye-catching feature in your home and depending on the design style you are going for you can really integrate them across a range of themes as they work well with farmhouse, industrial, country and rustic themes.

We listed some of the top-rated rustic shelf brackets below. You can use them as you start to hang your farmhouse shelves on your walls. As there is such a huge range of amazing rustic shelf brackets on the market, we tried to list some of our favorite options first.

Best Farmhouse Shelf Brackets


Farmhouse Shelf Brackets

(Set of 4) Farmhouse Shelf Brackets Cast Iron, Open Shelving Supports Corbels, 12 inches, B-14

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How to Choose Farmhouse Shelf Brackets

Shelf Bracket Material

Farmhouse shelf brackets are typically made from either metal or wood. By using a metal bracket, you can contrast beautifully with the thick, warm rustic, distressed wood and antique wood of your shelf. There is such a huge range of metals, designs and styles to choose from that you will easily be able to find something that works with your theme or could even become the centerpiece of your room. Alternatively, raw wood rustic shelf brackets also have their own charm and work exceptionally well at adding warmth and antiquity to a room.

Farmhouse Shelf Bracket Designs

Now the fun part: choosing a design that matches your home. And really the materials will have made a big statement in your design choice, but you can now look at some simple ideas such as L brackets, perhaps some scroll work or even strap brackets. If you stick with wooden brackets you may also choose to paint or stain them, giving you a bit of freedom in the color scheme.

Shelf Weight and Size

Next, have a quick think about the purpose of your shelf, from a practical point of view be sure to check the weight load and the depth you will need as it would be a real shame to have beautiful rustic shelf brackets that fit in perfectly with your design, only to find you can not use it in the way you want because it won’t take the load.

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