Farmhouse Bathroom Decor & Rustic Bathroom Decor

farmhouse bathroom decor

When decorating your farm home, consistency is key. If you have chosen to go for a more rustic, rural look with the interior, don’t forget to do the same with the bathroom. Decorating with farmhouse bathroom decor is actually quite easy once you understand some basic principles of style, color and materials.

In this article, we’ll be taking you through some of the best ways that you can instantly turn your bathroom into a beautiful, farmhouse-themed room that completely matches your style! In addition, you can find beautiful farmhouse bathroom decorations below.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

We started by listed some of our top-rated farmhouse bathroom decorations below. You can use the navigation above or keep scrolling for more beautiful products for sale.

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Farmhouse Style Bathroom Designs

We listed some popular farmhouse styles when it comes to your bathroom below. There are plenty of farm home bathroom design ideas, so make sure your bathroom flows with the rest of your home.

We recommend starting with your farmhouse master bathroom and then adding decorations to the other bathrooms in your house.

Use Wooden Decorations

The first thing that probably comes to find when thinking about a farmhouse style is wood. Large, rustic, and a bit rugged wood furniture. Decorating a bathroom is the perfect occasion to add delicate wooden touches around the house; you could get a wood-framed mirror, wooden bathroom shelves, and even a wooden bucket for your laundry.

Unlike other styles, a farmhouse design doesn’t necessarily require that you match wood colors. So go wild and bring all your favorite wooden pieces into the bathroom for a homely, rural look!

Use Metals Carefully

A great way to give a farmhouse feel to any bathroom is to choose metals that have a rustic touch. Your fixings can be copper-colored, gold or silver, but make sure that they have a patina, or to give them one. An “aged” look in your metals can make all the difference between a boring bathroom and a tastefully rustic one.

Add Natural Touches

If you want your bathroom to scream “farm”, you’ll want to make sure to incorporate natural elements into the decor. It may be having a couple of plants in your bathroom, some beautiful branches, pressed flowers in a frame or even a basket of pine cones. The possibilities are endless.

Just remember that adding a natural touch can make your bathroom seem warmer and more homely, which is what you’re really going after with the “farmhouse look”.

Stick To Neutral Colors

It should go without saying, but don’t incorporate any neons or bright, artificial colors in a “farmhouse” bathroom. Instead, focus on colors that are both neutral and natural, like browns, beiges and rusty colors. The great thing about these is also that they are very easy to pair, meaning that you can choose any number of those colors and still get a look that is coherent and harmonious. Bring on the wood-tones furniture and warm-beige tiles!

Use Repurposed and Reclaimed Items

Finally, the notion of DIY is essential to the farmhouse look. Whether it’s repurposing an old ladder as a towel rack, using mason jars to store soap and bath salts or using metal tubs as sinks, those reclaimed items can make your bathroom space quirky and interesting, in complete harmony with the farmhouse style. If DIY is not your thing, you can still purchase items that have that same DIY feel, and turn your bathroom into an ultimate farmhouse spot in no time.

In Summary

A farmhouse style is very natural, inviting, and homely. In a bathroom, it can be achieved by switching up just a few accessories and furniture pieces. Remember, always go for natural textures and materials, and add personalized touches where you can. Those small details will make a world of difference in giving you the farmhouse bathroom of your dreams!

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