100+ Best Farmhouse Pendant Lights & Ideas (2023)

farmhouse pendant lighting

Looking for an aesthetic lighting style that blends modern comfort with elegance? Why not consider farmhouse pendant lighting. We put together all of our rustic and farmhouse pendant lights for sale below. You can put them above an island, over a bar, or for additional lighting in your kitchen.

Farmhouse Pendant Lights




Why You Need Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Farm home pendant lighting is a trending lighting style that brings practical lighting to the level you need. In addition, it also breathes new character and visual appeal to your interior decor.

Whether you’re planning to update those tired-looking light fixtures that beg for an upgrade or you simply want to install new lights in your new home, farmhouse pendant lighting is the way to go. These lights draw inspiration from rustic, industrial homes and mid-century styles giving you the best of them all.

How to Choose Rustic Pendant Lighting

The best thing about farmhouse lighting is there are so many styles that can fit in your home. Vintage, rustic, modern, and industrial themed pendant lights can all work well in a farm style home.

Different Farm Home Style Pendants

Farmhouse pendant lights come in multiple themes which include country, oil rubbed, shabby chic, industrial, rustic, copper, vintage, antique and modern styles. Regardless of the style you choose, pendant lights can present the right decor statement without overpowering your room. The oil rubbed have a modern finish that is also industrial. This allows you to set the mood of your choice.

Pendants are one of the most common hanging light fixtures along with farmhouse chandeliers.

Pendant Lighting Shades

In terms of shades, you have options such as dark gray, black, dark brown, white, copper, silver, oil rubbed bronze and other weathered hues. The shades can flexibly take whatever decor style you want to add while still maintaining the farmhouse vibe. Farmhouse lighting shades and lamp shades are vital for your design.

Hang Lights From The Ceiling

To craft a distinct look, just hang these lights at strategic positions from the ceiling. Unlike island lighting fixtures, pendant lights have only one hanging light. Rustic farmhouse pendant lights are for any type of space whether small or large. You can use these lights in about any room in your home like near the sink, in the laundry or hang them over a bar or island.

In Summary

You absolutely want hanging lights over an island, in a kitchen, or over a bar area. You can transform the lighting in your home today by adding rustic farmhouse pendant lights. You generally buy three, four, or five at a time so keep that in mind.

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