Farmhouse Table Lamps & Rustic Table Lamps

farmhouse table lamps

A bedroom is a place where you can relax after a full day of work. Everyone wants to make their bedroom relaxing and cozy. To make it relaxing, a pair of farmhouse table lamps are essential. There are many types of lamps like small rustic lamps, gold lamps, modern lamps, and farmhouse lamps. We have listed our complete collection of country style table lamps below.

Farmhouse Table Lamps




What is a Farmhouse Table Lamp?

It is a type of table lamp that uses farmhouse style décor themes. This decoration includes everyday farmhouse stuff like glass bottles, iron handles, brass materials, wood, and other materials as well.

Types of Farmhouse Table Lamps

There are many types of farmhouse lamps. According to lamp design classifications, glass bottle based, rustic material based, faux-wood based, rustic jug based, and cage based lamps are trending. Most of these designs are used to make the bottom part of the rustic table lamps. The upper part is made of thick cloth or glass. The glass-based upper part gives the same look as the lantern.

Rustic Themed Table Lamps

Most of these have iron, bronze, or wood color. We can also categorize these lamps according to different farmhouses AND THEIR THEMES. There are many types of these lamps like traditional, colonial, coastal, modern, rustic, and industrial. The industrial farmhouse lamps have pulley like metal parts that make them unique.

Where to use Farmhouse Table Lamps

We can use these lamps at many locations inside our houses like the side table of bedrooms. You can buy a pair of lantern type farmhouse lamps if your bedroom has a rustic design. For modern types of bedrooms, the white modern farmhouse lamps are more suitable. For the bedroom side table, it is better to buy a pair instead of one. The country style homes should have these because both styles are perfect together. The industrial style farmhouse lamps are more suitable for living rooms. You can keep it with gears or pulleys design to improve the room decor.

In Summary

While we also have a large selection of farmhouse floor lamps, we have a huge variety when it comes to shorter table lamps. Hopefully, you are able to find a style and a color that fits your home. After all, we want a comfortable place to escape with beautiful lighting at the end of a long day.

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