Farmhouse TV Stands & Rustic TV Stands

farmhouse tv stands

Apart from performing their primary function of giving your TV a location to stay upright and at a comfortable height to watch, a TV stand can add a touch of style to your living room.

Farmhouse TV stands are among the most stylish TV stands around. They are available in various sizes, styles, and designs. We listed some of the most popular Farmhouse TV stands below, and if you keep scrolling you will find the best style ideas.

Farmhouse TV Stands



Rustic and Country TV Stands

If you are after comfort and enjoyment, then rustic/country TV stands would be your pick. These stands come in different sizes depending on the size of your TV. They are made of durable, stylish and glossy-finished wood that add a charming feel to your room. Rustic TV stands feature storage spaces and traditional cabinets where you can store your entertainment stuff. The open center shelves allow easy access and are suitable for storing cable boxes, gaming systems, and other AV components. When matched with rustic style furniture, these stands can transform the appeal of your living room.

Barn Door TV Stands

These are inspired by old barn doors. The handcrafted construction combined with expert joinery provide added beauty. The outer sides are coated with a durable coating that render them durable and easy to clean. Additionally, the middle doors feature bearings that allow smooth side-to-side gliding. Shelves can be removed, and drawers can be pulled out for additional storage. However, barn doors can be opened for your remote control to function.

Antique Farmhouse TV Stands

Want to take a flashback and embrace antiquated living? Antique farmhouse TV stands can be your option. These come with adjustable shelves that provided added versatility. You can customize your stand to match your storage needs. The pine veneer and solid pine construction make antique TV stands excellent for any interior décor. These TV stands are available in antique white or brown colors.

Farmhouse TV Stands With Fireplace

These are not only ideal for placing your lovely TV. They are multipurpose and can work pretty well in any room. You can put it in your guest room and use it for lamp placement, versatile heater, and even linen storage and much more. They can also be converted into TV stands for late night entertainment. The fireplace addition isn’t just for appeal. You can use it to adjust the heat you want depending on the prevailing temperatures. The flames provide a comforting appeal. These stands don’t need any special knowledge or electrician to install, and you can do it.

In Summary

Farmhouse TV stands have become very popular. These stands are functional, appealing and trendy. The most popular types include rustic/country, stands with fireplace, barn doors, and antique stands. There is always the right farmhouse TV stand for any taste and entertainment need.

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