Farmhouse Recessed Lighting & Rustic Recessed Lighting

farmhouse recessed lighting

Below, you will find all of our farmhouse recessed lighting for sale. We have a huge variety of recessed lights and farmhouse recessed light kits that you can add to your home.

Farmhouse Recessed Lighting



Types of Recessed Lighting

You can find a variety of themes when it comes to lighting, including modern farmhouse recessed lighting and antique lights as well. We covered some of the popular styles you can add to your farm home below. I would recommend checking out our farmhouse lighting ideas page as well.

Farmhouse Style Recessed Lighting

To create a charming, simplistic, and cozy farmhouse style yet with a modern touch, farmhouse recessed lighting is your best friend. Tucked in a hole in the ceiling it seems the light comes from the ceiling itself. Recessed lighting is extremely versatile because you only see the trim of the lamp itself.

This more contemporary style is a great edition for your farmhouse style decor. The warm light emitted by the farm home recessed lighting and farmhouse trim will keep your style intact. A great mix of classic and contemporary lighting.

Rustic Recessed Lighting

Rustic recessed lighting is a great addition to any farmhouse style decor or rustic style decor. Rustic details are pretty much a necessity to create a beautiful farmhouse interior. Rustic recessed lighting is put in a hole in the ceiling and the trim is made of beautiful natural materials.

The raw, natural, and simple style that rustic entails is beautiful but will become even much more attractive when accentuated with recessed lighting. Imagine raw dark wood with rustic recessed lighting for an almost magical effect. Rustic recessed lighting fits with the style while being super practical and highlighting your ceiling without overdoing it.

Country Recessed Lighting

When we talk about country style interior we talk about simplicity, wooden materials, and it even feels your furniture is a bit of a mismatch, though in an organic way. When it feels like your furniture was in the family for several generations already, you are on the right track to creating the classic, warm feeling of country style.

Country recessed lighting is a very practical solution to elicit a warm light on your country style interior. Recessed lighting is very versatile and because it is tucked away in the ceiling (sometimes in the wall or floor) it is not intrusive for your interior. The trim of country recessed lighting is simple and fits easily with any country style.

Where to Use Recessed Lighting

You can use different styles of lighting throughout your farm home. We give you some helpful tips here so you can put exactly what you want in your home. If you have an open concept home, there are plenty of spaces to use recessed style lighting.

Farmhouse Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are very popular in the kitchen. While farmhouse lighting fixtures are more popular in a dining room, bedroom, and living room, you can opt for recessed lighting in the kitchen. It will add brightness while you cook without taking up too much space.

Farmhouse Living Room Recessed Lighting

In addition to the kitchen, you can also use recessed lighting in your farmhouse living room. Farmhouse style living rooms can use ceiling fans with lights and lamps, but you can add recessed lights as well.

Farmhouse Bathroom Recessed Lighting

Bathrooms can utilize a variety of lighting including farmhouse vanity lights, pendant lights, and wall sconces. Some people even utilize small farmhouse chandeliers in their bathroom. One thing to consider is recessed lights in your farm home bathroom.

In Summary

Recessed lighting can be a great option in a farmhouse. Not only are the lights built directly into the ceiling, they provide warm light throughout your home. If you can find recessed light kits that include dimmers, you can adjust your lighting as well. We absolutely love rustic styles, country lighting, and farmhouse themes. Hopefully, you are able to find the farmhouse themed recessed lighting above.

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