Farmhouse Lamp Shades & Rustic Lamp Shades

If you want to upgrade one of your lamps with a new farmhouse lamp shade, you have come to the right page. We have a huge selection of rustic style lamp shades below. Whether your table lamp needs a face lift or you want to improve a floor lamp, you can find a lamp shade you will love.

Farmhouse Lamp Shades


Farmhouse Lamp Shades

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Farmhouse Lamp Shades

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Types of Farmhouse Style Lamp Shades

There are plenty of different styles when it comes to the farmhouse theme. I cover some of the popular ones below that you can add to your own home.

Farmhouse Lamp Shades

Farmhouse lampshades can make a great addition to a farmhouse-style home – it’s in the name. These types of shades are generally lighter and have a light brown tint to them. Typically, these look really good when you combine these with a light color such as white. These also make great shades for shorter lamps and are often put on shorter lamps.

If you have a light hanging above your kitchen table, consider adding this lamp-shade to that. A lot of farmhouse style homes tend to have these hanging above the dinner table.

Rustic Lamp Shades

These types of shades have a darker tint to them often having a brown or gold color to them. Due to the darker colors, rustic lamp shades are great for when you like to read in bed. Not only that, but they make it easier to fall asleep. This is because brighter lights tend to make our brain think it’s day time, making it more difficult to fall asleep.

Personally, I think the darker colors would make this perfect for a dark and stormy night. It adds a relaxing feel to the room.

Country Lamp Shades

Country lampshades have a lot of different designs for you to choose from. This is because they can be made out of metal. People like to have them made out of metal and make a design such as stars or an animal.

If you are a parent, these shades would make a great addition to your nursery room. Have the design be stars or the solar system and the room will cast shadows that look like stars. Of course, you’ll need to be cautious around these lamps since they can be made of metal. Other than that, they are a great addition to have for any home, especially farmhouse-style homes.

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