Farmhouse Beds & Farmhouse Bed Frames

farmhouse bed frames

Think about what is at the center of every bedroom: the bed! A bedroom should offer a warm and cozy feeling. You should feel as though you’re invited into your bedroom, like an oasis. This feeling of comfort is ideal for farmhouse style. Starting with your farmhouse bed is important when designing your bedroom appropriately.

Farmhouse Beds and Bed Frames



How to Choose a Farmhouse Bed

Let’s start with the bed frame–the piece of furniture that will tie the entire room together. There are two main materials when it comes to farmhouse bed frames: wood and metal. You can find different colors for wood and metal ranging from black to brown to white.

Metal Farmhouse Bed Frames

Metal bed frames give that classic, antique look and encompass the farmhouse aesthetic you desire. Typically these frames are made out of steel or iron. They have a dark color, almost black, but their style is delicate–perfect for a farmhouse. You’ll feel as though you’re in the country with this type of bed. There are a wide variety of metal bed frames to choose from. Find the style that fits the theme of your whole house.

Wood Farmhouse Bed Frames

Additionally, farmhouse beds are also seen with statement wood designs. These sturdy frames offer a rustic vibe that will make your room feel warm and inviting. The type of wood depends on the style of farmhouse you choose. If you want a more traditional and classic look, finding a deeper stain would work best. If you’ve chosen the shabby chic look, then a white wash or light gray stain would suit your bedroom. Making sure that you keep your theme fluid throughout your home is important.

Complete the Room with Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Once you’ve chosen the bed frame of your dreams, think about how you will design around it. Farmhouse decor is all about light and airy feelings of comfort. Rarely are bright colors seen; therefore, choosing a classic quilt or light colored comforter would be ideal. Remember, there is always room to embellish with perfectly chosen throw pillows and blankets. Make sure that your bed is something that you’ll want to crawl into every night!

In Summary

In order to complete your farmhouse bedroom, you need to find the right farmhouse bed frame. It will include a headboard and a base. Then, you can place your mattress and box spring on top of your rustic bed and you are only a bedding set away from creating a beautiful bedroom. After all, we want to be comfortable in the place where we spend our nights.

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