Rae Dunn Mugs For Your Farmhouse Kitchen

rae dunn mugs

A Rae Dunn Mug is a beautiful mug for your farmhouse. Some mugs aren’t designed like ordinary coffee mugs. These are Rae Dunn mugs – the most fashionable coffee mugs you can lay your hands on. Rae Dunn mugs are perfect in a farmhouse when you need your coffee or tea in the morning. These […]

Farmhouse Bar Stools: Choose The Right One

farmhouse bar stool

Farmhouse bar stools are very popular in farm homes, particularly in kitchens, bar areas, at the island, and dining rooms. They not only provide comfort, but they also bring country vibes to your kitchen counter or home bar. Rustic bar stools are absolutely wonderful because they provide seating and beauty. If you’re out to buy […]

Modern Farmhouse Area Rugs: Combining Style and Comfort

modern farmhouse area rugs ideas

Injecting a dose of charm and warmth into your home is easy with the right decor pieces. Modern farmhouse area rugs are a great choice to make your living spaces cozier and more visually appealing. They blend rustic elements with a contemporary twist, ensuring they fit right into the 21st-century homes while still offering that […]

Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves: Maximize Your Space

farmhouse bathroom shelves

If you are looking to give your bathroom a bit more character, then adding a rustic touch to it may be the right approach for you. Farmhouse bathroom shelves can add a beautiful country feeling to your bathroom and make your home feel a bit homier in the process. We put together a list of […]

Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Accessories Sets

farmhouse bathroom accessories sets

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone who has recently moved to a new place, or you want to decorate your own bathroom, farmhouse bathroom accessory sets are the perfect solution for you. Each set below consists of matching farmhouse soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and soap dishes. Sometimes, even the smallest details like […]

Wood Farmhouse Shelves: Embrace Countryside Chic

farmhouse wood shelves

In every farmhouse kitchen, wood is an indispensable element. That’s why wood farmhouse shelves make the perfect decoration. Not only are they functional, they will also add beauty to any room in your home. If you want your kitchen to have a rustic theme, look for wood rustic shelves. You can buy these shelves or […]

Farmhouse Coat Hooks: Merging Style and Utility

farmhouse coat hooks

Organizing your winter and autumn outerwear and hats had never been so easy than with decorative rustic coat hooks. The farmhouse coat hooks we have for sale come in different shapes and designs. They can be hanged on the wall whichever way you want. You can decide how far apart to hang them and where […]

White Farmhouse Shelves: Combine Function and Aesthetic

farmhouse white shelves

Most of us want to have white themes in our farmhouse living rooms and kitchens. One way to add a pop of white to any room is by adding white farmhouse shelves. We have realized that bright farmhouse designs bring in precious extra light to our homes. As a matter of fact, you can even […]

Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Vanities: Choose The Right One

farmhouse bathroom sink vanity

Farmhouse sink vanities can make a huge difference in your bathroom. If you’re renovating or setting up your first farmhouse bathroom, you might find it’s still missing something. You have probably been searching high and low for that certain something. Usually, a stylish rustic bathroom sink vanity is what’s needed to give a bathroom that […]

20 Farmhouse Kitchens With Open Shelves

farmhouse kitchens with open shelving

When you’re looking to design a farmhouse kitchen, there’s one feature that stands out among others – open shelves. They provide that rustic charm that’s so integral to the farmhouse style, while also offering functional storage space. So where do you begin when you’re looking to incorporate farmhouse open kitchen shelves into your home? We’ve […]

Farmhouse Area Rugs: Ideas and Inspiration

farmhouse rugs rustic rugs

When you are looking for farmhouse area rugs, it can be difficult to find the best products all in one place. You may want a farmhouse runner rug, a small hallway rug, or a large rustic living room rug. You can browse this article by rug size below. You can view our complete listing of […]

Farmhouse Hutches: Types, Ideas, and Inspiration

farmhouse hutches

Farmhouse hutches are beautiful pieces of rustic dining room furniture. Just like many other pieces of furniture, rustic hutches are built not only to impress but to remain functional and practical. They are sometimes referred to as country hutches, antique hutches or distressed hutches. We listed our favorite hutches for sale below that will fit […]

Farmhouse Shelves With Hooks: Useful and Beautiful

farmhouse shelves with hooks

In this article, we are going to look at farmhouse shelves with hooks. Rustic shelves with hooks have a huge potential in a range of spaces as they fit with many themes such as industrial, country, rustic and of course farmhouse. They are versatile, you can look at floating or bracketed options, which in themselves […]

60 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas 2023

farmhouse living room designs

One of the best ways to get inspiration for your farm home is to look at farmhouse designs and farmhouse decor ideas. When you want to improve an individual room like your living room, viewing farmhouse living room designs can help you create the living room of your dreams. We put together some of our […]

Is Farmhouse Decor Going Out of Style?

NO! Farmhouse decor is not going out of style. The classic elements that make up farmhouse decor, such as shiplap, rustic decorations, and painted wood furniture, remain in style due to their authenticity and timeless appeal​​. However, the traditional farmhouse look has morphed into what’s being referred to as “classic modern rustic” or “transitional modern.” […]

Farmhouse Rug Cleaning: 7 Expert Tips & Tricks

Farmhouse rugs not only add beauty to your home but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. However, over time, these rugs can collect dirt, dust, and stains, losing their charm. To maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your farmhouse rugs, regular cleaning is essential. In this article, we will share seven expert tips and […]

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