What Color Farmhouse Rug Goes With Green Walls?

farmhouse area rug colors for green walls

Choosing the right color for your farmhouse rug when you have green walls depends on the specific shade of green and the overall style and color scheme of your decor. Luckily, you came to the right blog post. We have put some of the best tips for matching any farmhouse area rug with green walls while also fitting your style. There are a few suggestions below.

Farmhouse Rug Colors for Green Walls

1. Farmhouse Rugs With Neutral Tones

Rugs in shades of beige, cream, or light gray can complement the green walls without overpowering them. These colors can provide a soft contrast and help to maintain a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

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2. Rugs With Warm Earth Tones

If your green is more of a deep, forest shade, consider a rug in warm earth tones like burnt orange, rust, or brown. These colors can create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

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3. Blue Farmhouse Rugs

If your green walls lean towards a cooler tone, a blue rug could work well. A navy or even a lighter blue rug could create a calm and soothing aesthetic.

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4. Rugs with Patterns

A patterned rug can be a good way to incorporate multiple colors that complement the green walls. For instance, a traditional Oriental rug with red, blue, and gold accents or a modern geometric pattern with grays and whites could work well.

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5. Green-on-Green Rugs and Walls

If you’re fond of a monochromatic look, you could consider a rug in a different shade of green. This could either be a lighter or darker shade than your walls, depending on whether you want to create contrast or keep things more uniform.

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Remember, it’s not just about matching the color of the rug to the wall. It’s about creating a cohesive look with all the elements in your room, including furniture, window treatments, and accessories. Take all these into consideration when choosing your rug. You should also consider your floor colors and your farmhouse wall decor before you make a final decision.

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