Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Vanities & Rustic Vanities

Farmhouse sink vanities can make a huge difference in your bathroom. If you’re renovating or setting up your first farmhouse bathroom, you might find it’s still missing something. You have probably been searching high and low for that certain something.

Usually, a stylish rustic bathroom sink vanity is what’s needed to give a bathroom that final touch. It can make it feel like a finalized bathroom. The right type of farmhouse sink vanity makes the room more appealing, informing the atmosphere of the whole space.

Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Vanities


Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

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How to Choose Farmhouse Sink Vanities

If you’ve been perusing, you’ve probably noticed farmhouse bathroom sink vanities have become very popular, and that for good reason: they lend a rustic, “homey” ambiance to your bathroom, as well as providing ample storage space for towels, hair dryers, shampoos and conditions, and other toiletries.

I listed some helpful tips below when you are choosing a new sink vanity.

Sink Vanity Themes

There are plenty of themes to choose from including country, shabby chic, french country, modern farm home, and more. You may have also seen these vanities refereed to as barnwood bathroom vanities or rustic bathroom vanities.

Choose An Apron-Front Farmhouse Bathroom Sink

Farmhouse sinks date back centuries, being a tried and true home staple. For a more classic look, you can get one with an apron-front, which does make the sink more accessible for brushing your teeth or washing your hands. Alternatively, you can get a vanity with a smaller, bathroom vessel sink.

Farmhouse Sink Vanity Sizes

You can find farmhouse bathroom sink vanities in a large range of sizes without compromising on their unique style. From as large as 72 inches across to as small as 24 inches, these vanities can fit snugly into any sized bathrooms. Some of the more popular sizes are 30 inches and 48 inches – not overly large but still providing enough room and storage space.

Larger sink vanities can also come with double sinks, perfect if you have two people who need to get ready for work in the morning. When it comes to storage, smaller vanities will have a few drawers while larger ones will have drawers along with cabinets, so you’ll be able to find one with as much or as little space as you need for stocking bathroom equipment.

Farmhouse Sink Vanity Styles

Most people love farmhouse vanities for their rustic, vintage style, often featuring distressed wood. Barnwood and cottage styles allow for the ultimate rustic feel. If you like the sizes and general aesthetic of these vanities, but you don’t really like the farmhouse style, you can also find modernized or shabby chic versions that are just as eye-catching.

Farmhouse Sink Vanity Colors

As for color, you’ll find them mostly in light to dark brown (best if you’re going for that rustic flair) but also blue, grey, and white. Farmhouse vanities usually come with marble counter tops, but you can also get them with wood counter tops, and they make a perfect pair with a large or smaller farmhouse mirror.

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