Is Farmhouse Decor Going Out of Style?


Farmhouse decor is not going out of style. The classic elements that make up farmhouse decor, such as shiplap, rustic decorations, and painted wood furniture, remain in style due to their authenticity and timeless appeal​​. However, the traditional farmhouse look has morphed into what’s being referred to as “classic modern rustic” or “transitional modern.” This new style maintains some farmhouse elements, such as lots of white shades, pale wood tones, and a mix of antiques and modern silhouettes, but it’s more clean and polished​​.

3 Reasons Why Farmhouse Decor Will Never Go Out of Style

Timeless Decorations and Styles

Elements like shiplap, being an authentic building material, will never be out of style, especially when it’s part of the original architecture of a home​​.

Versatility in the Farmhouse Theme

Farmhouse decor has shown its ability to evolve and adapt to current trends. For instance, colored shiplap and different ways of using shiplap provide a fresh look while maintaining the farmhouse style​​.

Mixture of Old and New Decorations

The new “classic modern rustic” look maintains the essence of farmhouse style but incorporates modern elements, creating a unique blend of old and new that’s appealing to many​​.

8 Unique Farmhouse Decor Ideas For a New Home

Here are eight ideas for incorporating farmhouse decor into a new home:

1. Rustic Wood Elements

Farmhouse design often incorporates natural materials and finishes, with a particular emphasis on wood. Reclaimed or distressed wood can be used for floors, ceiling beams, kitchen islands, or furniture. Barn doors are also a popular choice, and can be used in interior spaces for a rustic charm. Wooden mantles over fireplaces are also a key feature in farmhouse style homes.

2. Farmhouse Sink

Also known as an apron sink, this style of sink is a defining feature of farmhouse kitchens. They’re practical (often deeper than modern sinks), durable, and come in a variety of materials including porcelain, stainless steel, and even copper. Paired with open shelving, butcher block countertops, and traditional tap fixtures, they can create a perfect farmhouse kitchen look.

3. Mix and Match Furniture and Accessories

Farmhouse style thrives on the mix of old and new. Pair antique pieces such as a weathered dining table or vintage cupboard with newer items for a cozy, lived-in look. You can also incorporate farmhouse accessories like galvanized metal items, vintage signs, mason jars, wicker baskets, or classic quilts. Additionally, consider adding built-in bookcases or window seats for a functional yet timeless appeal.

4. Open, double-height ceilings

This design element, along with lots of natural light and cozy fireplaces, can be accentuated with chic paint colors to make them the centerpiece of a room​​.

5. Decorative farmhouse items

Use jugs, glass vases, and sculptural vessels with dried flowers throughout the home. In the kitchen, consider chic serving spoons in dark colors or marbled resin, and high-quality cutting boards​​.

6. Bohemian home decor touches

Swap out some of the rustic charm for bohemian home decor touches like rattan furniture, Moroccan rugs, or baskets as planters. This gives your home a modern bohemian farmhouse look​.

7. Accent colors and wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of color with an accent pillow or interesting wallpaper. There are many removable wallpapers available now that can dramatically transform a small space​.

8. Eclectic tiles

Consider using eclectic tiles for walls and floors. They can transform an unassuming space into something really special​​.

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While farmhouse home decor may change and there may be new trends, it will never go out of style. Your home’s style is likely to be dated after 15-20 years, but with a farm style home it shouldn’t feel dated. Modern trends today may be contemporary in the future. In addition, vintage home decor and rustic themes can change and adapt over time. Hopefully, you are able to create the style of your dreams so you feel comfortable vibes in your house.

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