Farmhouse Hutches: Types, Ideas, and Inspiration

farmhouse hutches

Farmhouse hutches are beautiful pieces of rustic dining room furniture. Just like many other pieces of furniture, rustic hutches are built not only to impress but to remain functional and practical. They are sometimes referred to as country hutches, antique hutches or distressed hutches. We listed our favorite hutches for sale below that will fit perfectly in your farmhouse. They can be used in a dining room, foyer, or even a living room.

Farmhouse Hutches


Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

homestyles Buffets Dining Kitchen Hutch with Storage 72 Inches High by 31 Inches Wide Black with Stainless Steel Top

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

HODEDAH IMPORT Kitchen Cabinet, Chocolate

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

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How to Choose Farmhouse Hutches

Considering the overall size of the furniture, theme and color are vital when selecting farmhouse hutches. The good thing is that they are very flexible in terms of sizes, colors, and designs. And, they are all centered on the country and rustic themes. The material used is mainly wood and includes refurbished and reclaimed wood. They feature either closed or open decks and are hand painted meaning the finish is not perfectly glossy but a somehow original. The hutches come in shabby chic, vintage, rustic and antique styles.

Material Choices for Your Hutch

Farmhouse hutches typically come in wood or metal, each bringing a distinct look and feel. Wood offers warmth and traditional charm, while metal can add an industrial edge.

Functionalities to Look for in a Hutch

Consider what you plan to use your hutch for. Do you need more display space or storage? Would you like doors or prefer open shelving? Each hutch offers different functionalities, so choose what best suits your needs.

Hutch Space

They are typically large in size, so be sure to consider space availability. Although some can be dismantled into small pieces for easy portability others come in whole designs. Check the measurements to see if you have sufficient space for your hutch. You can place farmhouse hutches in your kitchen, dining or as bedroom desk to store your linens, books and other display items.

Match Your Home’s Theme

You can choose a hutch that perfectly matches what you already have at home. Antique farmhouse hutches generally come in main colors such as light brown, white, beige, dark brown and other weathered distressed tones. You can select the shade that complements your flooring, wall, furniture or ceiling. For a more professional appeal, you can strategically place lights underneath the shelves to illuminate the cut glass, porcelain, and other display items.

9 Popular Farmhouse Hutch Styles

1. Rustic Farmhouse Hutches

Rustic farmhouse hutches are ideal for several uses. They’re often characterized by reclaimed wood, raw finishes, and simple designs. A perfect choice if you’re looking to imbue your dining room or kitchen with a touch of historical nostalgia.

2. Modern Farmhouse Hutches

Modern farmhouse hutches bring the best of both worlds. They blend the classic farmhouse elements with modern twists like sleek lines, metal accents, or chic glass doors. If you want a contemporary vibe without sacrificing the farmhouse feel, these are for you.

3. Vintage Farmhouse Hutches

For the true antique lovers out there, vintage farmhouse hutches are an excellent choice. These pieces often carry a story with them and can be found at antique markets or even online stores. With their unique, time-worn look, they can become the conversation starter of your kitchen.

4. Black Pine Farmhouse China Hutch

The black pine farmhouse china hutch is a stylish, timeless piece that adds sophistication to any dining area. Its dark, natural wood lends a rustic appeal, making it the perfect showcase for your favorite china.

5. Farmhouse China Cabinet Hutch

A farmhouse china cabinet hutch is a traditional and functional piece that marries storage and display, perfect for exhibiting your most cherished china sets. Its farmhouse aesthetic brings a warm, welcoming vibe to your dining space.

6. Farmhouse Hutch Decor

Farmhouse hutch decor involves styling your hutch with personal touches and elements, often including cherished heirlooms, vintage finds, or even everyday kitchen essentials, to evoke that cozy, rustic farmhouse charm.

7. Farmhouse Buffet and Hutch

A farmhouse buffet and hutch is a versatile furniture piece that provides ample storage for kitchenware and a surface for serving food. Its farmhouse design element adds character and a homey feeling to your dining area.

8. Vintage Farmhouse Hutch

Vintage farmhouse hutches offer a charming, nostalgic appeal, often featuring unique details and a time-worn finish. They are an excellent choice for those wanting to infuse their kitchen or dining room with a piece of history.

9. Antique Farmhouse Hutch

An antique farmhouse hutch is a timeless piece, often carrying a story from the past. Its aged appearance and artisanal craftsmanship can bring an unmatched level of authenticity and character to any farmhouse-style decor.

Why Choose a Hutch?

You might wonder, why a hutch? Well, it’s simple. A hutch is a versatile piece of furniture, acting as both a storage unit and a display cabinet. It’s a space to exhibit your china, your knick-knacks, or your vintage cookbook collection. It’s an opportunity to showcase personality and taste while keeping your essentials at an arm’s reach.

The Ideal Farmhouse Hutch

An ideal farmhouse hutch fuses style and utility, creating a balance between old-world charm and modern convenience. You’ll often find them in natural wood finishes, distressed paint, or even a combination of both.

FAQs for Farmhouse Hutches

How can I style my farmhouse hutch?

You can style your farmhouse hutch in various ways depending on your preference. Some choose to display their beautiful china sets, family heirlooms, or collection of cookbooks. Others might use it for practical storage of kitchen essentials or even transform it into a coffee station.

Can a farmhouse hutch work in other interior design styles?

Yes, a farmhouse hutch can be versatile and work well with other interior design styles. For instance, it can add a rustic touch to a modern kitchen or provide a contrast in a minimalist space. The key is to balance and harmonize the hutch with other elements in the room.

Where can I buy a farmhouse hutch?

Farmhouse hutches can be bought from various sources including furniture stores, online retailers, and even antique markets. When purchasing, remember to consider the hutch’s size, material, and style to ensure it fits your needs and matches your decor.

Can I DIY a farmhouse hutch?

Absolutely, if you have the skills and resources, you can definitely DIY a farmhouse hutch. There are numerous tutorials and plans available online to guide you through the process. Just ensure to consider safety precautions and proper techniques when embarking on your project.

In Summary

Large pieces of furniture can be difficult in a smaller country home, but farmhouse hutches can stand out and improve your interior design. If you are looking for additional storage and a great piece of furniture, consider a rustic hutch. The options above are impeccable for almost any home.

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