Farmhouse Hutches and Rustic Hutches

farmhouse hutches

Farmhouse hutches are beautiful pieces of rustic dining room furniture. Just like many other pieces of furniture, rustic hutches are built not only to impress but to remain functional and practical. They are sometimes referred to as country hutches, antique hutches or distressed hutches. The material used is mainly wood and includes refurbished and reclaimed wood. They feature either closed or open decks and are hand painted meaning the finish is not perfectly glossy but a somehow original. The hutches come in shabby chic, vintage, rustic and antique styles.

We listed our favorite hutches for sale below that will fit perfectly in your farmhouse. They can be used in a dining room, foyer, or even a living room.

Farmhouse Hutches


Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

A-America Buffet-Hutch

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Farmhouse Dining Room Furniture

Amish Farmhouse Solid Wood Pine Buffet Hutch 74″ Tall, American Made, Beige Cabinet

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How to Choose Farmhouse Hutches

Considering the overall size of the furniture, theme and color are vital when selecting farmhouse hutches. The good thing is that they are very flexible in terms of sizes, colors, and designs. And, they are all centered on the country and rustic themes.

Match Your Home’s Theme

You can choose a hutch that perfectly matches what you already have at home. Antique farmhouse hutches generally come in main colors such as light brown, white, beige, dark brown and other weathered distressed tones. You can select the shade that complements your flooring, wall, furniture or ceiling. For a more professional appeal, you can strategically place lights underneath the shelves to illuminate the cut glass, porcelain, and other display items.

Rustic Hutches

Rustic farmhouse hutches are ideal for several uses. They have sets of shelves and cabinets that are placed on the lower section. Alongside giving your home a face-lift, you can use them to hold your drink ware, dinnerware or any other piece of cutlery. You can also use them to store your other valuables.

Hutch Space

They are typically large in size, so be sure to consider space availability. Although some can be dismantled into small pieces for easy portability others come in whole designs. Check the measurements to see if you have sufficient space for your hutch. You can place farmhouse hutches in your kitchen, dining or as bedroom desk to store your linens, books and other display items.

In Summary

Large pieces of furniture can be difficult in a smaller country home, but farmhouse hutches can stand out and improve your interior design. If you are looking for additional storage and a great piece of furniture, consider a rustic hutch. The options above are impeccable for almost any home.

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