Farmhouse Vessel Sinks & Rustic Vessel Sinks

farmhouse vessel sinks

You don’t have to do a complete remodel to make your bathroom beautiful. Swapping out those sinks and replacing them with unique and decorative farmhouse vessel sinks can not only add value, but also make your bath experience quite delightful. Just like a classic basin that you use to wash your face and hands, farmhouse bathroom vessel sinks are the most essential fixtures in a bathroom. Apart from being functional, they give your bathroom a meaning by making it very ornamental. If you love that ancient rural farmhouse touch, then why not bring the same trend to your bathroom?

Farmhouse Vessel Sinks



How to Choose Farmhouse Vessel Sinks

Farmhouse bathroom vessel sinks come in various designs, shapes, themes, materials, and patterns. They include rustic, shabby chic, industrial, modern, and countryside themes and more.

Vessel Sink Materials

They are made of traditional and natural materials like wood, clay, and cast iron. They provide a homely feel and allows you to give your bathroom a custom touch. Farmhouse vessel sinks are equipped with cabinets that hold the sink that you can place above your bathroom counter top. They are very practical and are ideal in case you want to save space and add style and character to your hardworking room.

Vessel Sink Colors

You’ll find them in different hues such as white, brown, beige, vintage and other weathered color variations. Depending on the existing tone of your bathroom floor, ceiling, and walls, you can select a matching color to add texture and depth to your bathroom.

Multiple Sink Shapes

In terms of shape, you’ll find various configurations such as oval, square, rectangle and round among other exquisite shapes. The shape to choose is based on the layout of your bathroom.

Flexible Farmhouse Sink Designs

Unlike most common sink styles that require you to place the basin below the counter, farmhouse vessel sinks are quite different. They are higher than the surface of the countertop. They are available in single and double basin styles. If you have a larger space, then you can choose the double vanity sinks. When complemented with the right cabinets and mirrors, farmhouse vessel sinks can create a charming bath experience that is far different from the ordinary one.

In Summary

There are unlimited décor options on how you can use farmhouse vessel sinks to transform the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. They are luxurious and stylish but very distinct. Depending on the type of design you want, you can merge various designs such as modern-revival, vintage, country and rustic designs for that dream timeless look.

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