Farmhouse End Tables & Rustic End Tables

farmhouse end tables

Farmhouse end tables are a must-have for any gathering space. If you are sitting, you need somewhere to put your cup of coffee, phone, book, remote. We all need rustic end tables. We put together our absolute favorite end tables for a farm home.

Farmhouse End Tables


Farmhouse End Tables

Red Accent Table

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Farmhouse End Tables

White Accent Table

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How to Choose Farmhouse End Tables

For beginners who do not have much experience with farmhouse style, the most suitable is the classic farmhouse end table – white and stained rustic end table is an attractive piece. The farmhouse design style is based on gentle, neutral colors and materials such as wood and metal.

End Tables With Storage

What will delight everyone are this rustic storage with plenty of space for your stuff. If you have a stunning surface for baskets on your end table will add beauty and functionality.

Farmhouse drawers can also be variations of the classic rustic style, but with added drawers for additional storage to make your room look meticulous. Many end tables do not have any drawers at all, so you don’t need to make that one of the requirements.

Farmhouse Style End Tables

Maybe you are interested in industrial barn wood painted black in order to provide a rustic industrial style. Wood wax also protects barn wood while at the same time giving a special character to the shining wood.

End Table Shapes

Aside from finding a farmhouse end table that fits perfectly into your living room, the harder part is to figure out what shape of the table should be.

If you are thinking about what will balance your room the most, mostly square shape tables are heavy compared to tables in a rectangular shape.

Farmhouse End Table Sizes

Also, always pay attention to flow. Think about how people gonna move in the space. If you try to restrict some part area, just put an elegant table. Or if you want to create inviting flow throughout a space use round table. If you have couches, love seats, ottomans, sectionals, chairs, its a good rule to fit a table with the rest of the furniture.

And the last shape is if you have 2 couches situated in an L-shape, square tables will balance and make your space tucked away.

In Summary

When you are searching for the right farmhouse end table, consider colors and styles first. The main colors you will find include light brown, dark brown, black, white, grey, and variations of each color. When it comes to style, you may find farmhouse modern end tables and antique variations as well. Either way, find a table that fits within your budget.

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