Farmhouse Shower Curtains: The Ultimate Guide

farmhouse shower curtains

The easiest and fastest way to change the appearance of your farmhouse bathroom is to get a new farmhouse shower curtain. If you want to have a unique shower curtains, try our farm home shower curtains listed below. They can transform an ordinary bathroom into a place where you will come to energize and regenerate.

Farmhouse Shower Curtains


Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Piper Classics Silo Hill Shower Curtain 72×72

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Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Lush Decor, Light Gray Darla Ruched Floral Bathroom Shower Curtain, x 72

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Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Woolrich Winter Hills Cotton Shower Curtain, Plaid Lodge/Cabin Shower Curtains for Bathroom, 72 X 72, Tan

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How to Choose Farmhouse Shower Curtains

There are some helpful ideas and tips below for choosing the right rustic shower curtain. There is a lot to consider, but most importantly the size, color, style, and price of your shower curtain are the most important factors.

We listed a huge variety of rustic shower curtains above. They will be perfect in any farmhouse style bathroom. Many of the options come with farmhouse shower curtain hooks as well.

Shower Curtain Colors

Our farmhouse shower curtains are available in many different colors. The most popular colors are beige, white, brown and grey. They go well with every bathroom. If you would like to try something different, we also have a selection of blue, yellow, red and turquoise farmhouse shower curtains. Neutral colors generally work well in a country style home, but you can go with brighter colors to fit your style.

Shower Curtain Themes

Rustic shower curtains are great solution for people who like their bathroom to be chic and sophisticated. Our farmhouse shower curtains have different themes. Some of them are vintage, ruffle, cottage or shabby chic themed. Our goal was to make farmhouse shower curtains that could match with every home, no matter what style you used for decorating the interior. We also have modern farmhouse shower curtains.

Personally, I love country, rustic, ruffled, shabby chic, and french country shower curtains in a bathroom.

Shower Curtain Patterns and Styles

We offer different designs and styles. The most popular pattern are stripes, but we also have shower curtains with farm animals or checkered patterns. We also have neutral farmhouse shower curtains, for people who like to keep it simple. Lastly, you can find barn door and buffalo check shower curtains as well, which always fit in a farm home.

Shower Curtain Sizes

The most popular size is 72×72 inches. But we also offer extra long farmhouse shower curtains that can be long up to 96 inches! If you have a standard bathtub shower, then the 72×72 inch option will work perfectly. However, if you have a larger bathtub or a different style of bathtub in your bathroom, you may need to measure the space.

Farmhouse Shower Curtain Ideas

Select Natural Fabrics

Linen, cotton, jute, and other natural-fiber fabrics for shower curtains align with the casual farmhouse aesthetic. These materials look cozy and relaxed compared to plastic or polyester curtains.

Incorporate Burlap Accents

Add strips of burlap along the bottom of your shower curtain or opt for a full burlap curtain for a rustic touch. The texture and earthy tones work perfectly in a farmhouse bathroom.

Try Buffalo Check Patterns

Classic buffalo check prints in black, white, red, or blue instantly evoke farmhouse chic. Pair checked shower curtains with matching hand towels or bath mats for a pulled-together farmhouse bathroom.

Choose Neutral Tones

Stick to neutral whites, tans, blacks, and light blues that align with farmhouse decor styles. Avoid bold or neon colors that might clash with your tranquil farmhouse vibe.

Add Lace Details

Small details like lace trim along curtain edges or lace insert panels provide cottage-like charm. Aging lace pieces through bleaching or tea staining boosts the vintage farmhouse appeal.

Display Wooden Curtain Rings

Wooden curtain rings in place of basic metal rings lend rustic flair. Large shower curtain hooks handmade from distressed wood help tie the look together.

Farmhouse Shower Curtain FAQs

What colors work best for farmhouse shower curtains?

Whites, neutrals like tan or gray, and soft blues or greens work best for farmhouse shower curtains. But feel free to incorporate buffalo checks or stripes in black, navy, or red as well.

Should I get a cloth or plastic curtain?

Cloth shower curtains better match the casual farmhouse aesthetic versus plastic. But you can find plastic curtains with cloth-like fabrics that provide the farmhouse look with more water-resistance.

What length shower curtain should I get?

Standard sizes range from 71-72 inches but you can find extra long 84-inch shower curtains to puddle onto the floor, which has a more luxurious look. Make sure to measure your existing space.

Should I add a shower curtain liner?

Yes, a plastic liner can help retain more water even with a cloth shower curtain. Make sure to use liner clips or Velcro to attach the liner to the back of the outer curtain.

In Summary

Shower curtains are one of those things that should be both useful and beautiful. Details like your curtain for your shower have the power to change appearance of your farmhouse bathroom decor and its atmosphere. They are also a great way to express your creativity and leave that personal touch in your home. We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms every day, and that’s why we should make them beautiful and cozy.

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