Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks: Durable and Beautiful

cast iron farmhouse sink

Cast iron farmhouse sinks, commonly known as cast iron apron-front sinks, have become very popular in recent years. Its unique design, beauty, and functionality have made them wonderful options in any kitchen. Farmhouse sinks are very popular and you can find different sizes, features, and colors when you are purchasing one. We listed some of our favorite cast iron sinks for sale below.

Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks


Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks

KOHLER 6625-0 DIV Tones Smart Divide Drop-in Undermount Cast Iron 33 in. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink in White

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Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks

KOHLER K-5827-96 Whitehaven Farmhouse Self-Trimming Undermount Single-Bowl Sink with Tall Apron, Biscuit

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Example of 30″ White Kohler Whitehaven Sink

The sink below is what all of the sinks above would look in a kitchen. We only have a white 30″ Kohler Whitehaven Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink as our example, but you can see what it might look like in your kitchen.


Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink Sizes

Cast Iron Farmhouse sinks come in different sizes ranging from 30 inches to 36 inches. We go through some benefits of each size below.

30 Inch Cast Iron Sinks

30 inch farmhouse sinks have a short apron-front with very simple installation procedures as one only has to cut the self-trimming design and under-mount it. It can also be retrofitted into an existing cabinetry of the same size. These farmhouse sinks are mainly used for remodeling projects, as they are an assurance of perfect and exquisite results. The sink has enough space to accommodate large pans and pots and a bottom that helps in draining water and dirt particles.

33 Inch Cast Iron Sinks

Size 33′ cast iron farmhouse sinks are popular because of the modern effect they bring into one’s kitchen. The sinks are charming with an intricately designed double or single bowl with a flat surface that acts as a working panel. The size 33″ sinks also make installation very simple as the self trimming design can be under mount on an already existing base cabinet. Size 36′ Size 36′ inch cast iron farm house sinks are not only large but also have very versatile features that enable easy installation.

36 Inch Cast Iron Sinks

Larger sinks provide more than enough space for all kitchen functions, like rinsing utensils and storing of kitchen equipment. These large-sized sinks also have a drainage system with a sloped bottom that helps in getting rid of any accumulated water or dirt particles.

Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink Colors

Farmhouse sinks with cast iron material not only come in a range of styles but also colors that vary depending on one’s tastes and preferences. These sinks come in different colors such as white, brown, black, beige or almond that add an extra spark to the kitchen by giving it a more aesthetic effect. One has to therefore balance them off depending on the available kitchen equipment and the desired look. These not only give the sink an attractive and glossy appearance but also ensure that the whole kitchen acquires a perfect finish.

Single vs Double Cast Iron Apron Front Sinks

Cast iron farm house sinks come in varying types from the double and single apron front cast iron to the double and single sinks. Double apron front sinks can match all kinds of kitchen decor as they have a double under mount and a self-trimming design and leave a lot of space for storage of kitchen appliances.

The single apron front sink has a lift out strainer and a flat apron surface that provides a comfortable and cozy working panel. The single bowl can has an added advantage as it can be installed flush mount, under mount or built up. While single sinks come with only one large basin, double sinks come with an extra bowl that provides adequate space for rinsing and garbage disposal.

Benefits of Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks

Cast iron farmhouse sinks come with added advantages and can never disappoint. These sinks are very durable as cast iron is a very strong material susceptible to dents and cracks. Cast iron sinks have a very smooth and porous surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Its glossy and attractive surface makes it easier to hide any water streaks that may be left on the surface.

Cast iron apron-front sinks also have a very impressive finish that comes with a touch of different colors Its installation procedure is also very short and precise as it only involves an under mount of a self-trimmed design.

What is a Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink?

A cast iron farmhouse sink, also known as an apron-front sink, is a large, deep sink that’s made of heavy cast iron and typically coated with a durable enamel finish. The design of this type of sink is reminiscent of traditional farmhouses, hence the name. Its design allows it to be installed in a way that the front-facing side is exposed.

Why Should you get a Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink?

There are several reasons to get a cast iron farmhouse sink. For starters, they’re known for their durability and long lifespan. They are also quite charming and can add a rustic or vintage aesthetic to your kitchen. These sinks are also larger and deeper than standard sinks, which can make washing large pots and pans much easier.

Are Cast Iron Sinks Durable?

Yes, cast iron sinks are very durable. Cast iron is a robust and sturdy material that stands up well to daily use. The enamel coating that typically covers a cast iron sink provides an extra layer of protection, resisting stains, scratches, and chipping.

Is a Cast Iron Sink Worth the Price?

A cast iron sink can be an excellent investment due to its longevity, durability, and timeless aesthetic appeal. While these sinks tend to be more expensive than their stainless steel or plastic counterparts, the cost can be justified by their longevity and the value they can add to your home.

What is the Difference Between Fireclay and Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks?

Fireclay and cast iron may look similar, but they differ in their materials and how they’re made. Fireclay sinks are made from clay that is molded, dried, and fired at high temperatures, which gives them a hard, durable surface. On the other hand, cast iron sinks are made by pouring molten iron into a mold and then coating it with enamel. Both are durable, but cast iron sinks are typically heavier and require more support during installation, while fireclay sinks are more resistant to discoloration and fading.

Are Farmhouse Sinks Hard to Install?

Apron-front sinks mainly work with custom-built cabinetry and counter-tops, but other options can be put in place without necessarily having to replace the existing cabinetry.

Why You Need a Cast Iron Farmhouse Sink

In addition, cleaning large baking sheets and stockpots is much easier in a cast iron farmhouse sink. However, the price of these sinks were too high in the past for people to put them in their homes. Nowadays, there are much more affordable farmhouse sinks for sale so you don’t have to spend your retirement savings to buy one.

In Summary

Farmhouse sinks are very convenient as they leave adequate room for storage of cooking ingredients, pans and pots. The sinks also have a very appealing finish and are very durable.

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