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farmhouse signs

If you want your house to have a farmhouse theme, attention should be paid to all the details, including farmhouse signs. Farmhouse wall signs will transform your house into a home and add a small touch of rustic character. What is terrific is that you can place these signs in each of the rooms of your home.

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Since the theme of farm decor is wood, and what is found in nature, ideas for wall signs may be different, but the main condition is that they are made of wood or metal. If you opt for a wooden addition to your home, it should be antique white with dark lettering and brown frames. If you choose to have rustic signs made of metal, then its frame should be mostly black, dark gray, or brown. We listed some of our favorite farmhouse signs below that are made out of wood and metal.

Farmhouse Signs For Sale

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How to Choose Farmhouse Signs

The choices you have for farmhouse wall decor are fantastic. The main thing you want to choose first is between wood and metal signs.

Farmhouse Sign Colors

The ideal way to decorate your home is to coordinate your wall signs and decorations with your color scheme. If you are a creative person, you can always buy a blank farmhouse sign made of wood, with a white background on which you will hand-print in black letters – something that points to the farm or the place where you hang it up.

Farmhouse Sign Shape

The signs that will decorate your walls in rustic-style are generally in rectangular or square shape. But you can always opt for specially designed letters made of wood that, when joined together, should form a specific word that will indicate a farmhouse or something in that style.

Floral and Nature Wall Signs

Also, these nature-themed signs may contain some flowers that will add extra charm to your home. If the wall decoration is approached with a lot of creativity, the result can be really interesting design solutions that will put the wall in the focal point of the room. Another idea is to be brave and hang something totally out of the ordinary and memorable – but to be of wood and metal, with the colors we mentioned.

Farmhouse Kitchen Signs

It’s very popular to put farmhouse style signs in your kitchen that say words like “Coffee” or “Eggs” or “Milk.” In addition, you can get personalized farmhouse signs for your kitchen that feature your first name or last name. Last but not least, there are rustic kitchen signs that have cows, pigs, and other farm animals.

Farmhouse Bathroom Signs

Bathroom wall signs and farmhouse bathroom wall decor is very popular. You can find signs that say “Wash Your Hands” and “Please Seat Yourself,” in addition to plenty of other options. You can find clean and explicit or dirty rustic bathroom signs.

Farmhouse Christmas Signs

If you love the Christmas season and the Holiday season, then you should consider looking for rustic Christmas signs. You can hang them for the entire month of December and they can become part of your farmhouse Christmas decorations.

Ideas for Farmhouse Signs

Display Sentimental Quotes

Farmhouse-style signs featuring uplifting quotes about gratitude, family, and home make heartfelt additions above mantlepieces, on walls, or leaned against shelves. Opt for sentiments that speak to you.

Add Rustic Flair with Metal

Galvanized metal and finished wood pair beautifully for farmhouse signs. The natural wood grounds the metal material and adds striking visual contrast. Fun phrases like “Fresh Eggs” gain vintage flair.

Bring in Natural Elements

Signs made from raw wooden boards, sliced logs, or even etchings on flat stones have an earthy, organic look perfect for rustic farmhouse decor. Let the natural patterns and grains shine through.

Make it Humorous

Don’t be afraid to add some light-hearted humor! Cute signs with funny food-related phrases, witty sayings, or cheeky images provide a breath of levity and personality.

Display in a Vignette

Place your farmhouse sign in a thoughtful vignette for maximal impact. Prop it against plants, a basket, or stack of books. Or hang it above a console table display. Let it be the finishing touch.

Incorporate On-Theme Art

Signs don’t have to just be typography. Find artwork featuring cows, roosters, wildflowers, or farm landscapes to support the overall farmhouse look and feel.

In Summary

When you are searching for farmhouse wall decorations, you should consider wall signs. They look great indoors and outdoors. In addition, there are thousands of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes to fit your home. So, whether you need a sign in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or any other room, you should be able to find it above.

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