Farmhouse Wood Signs & Rustic Wood Signs

farmhouse wood signs

Farmhouse signs generally come in either wood or metal. Out of these two options, farmhouse wood signs have more design options and colors available compared to metal signs. One of the most common design choices for wooden signs is antique white with dark lettering and brown frames.

We love wooden farmhouse signs because they can go anywhere in your home. The signs are extremely popular in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and outdoors. We put together a huge list of wood rustic signs that will look great in any farm home.

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How to Choose Farmhouse Wood Signs

Farmhouse Sign Designs

What makes wooden signs great is you can have your own custom design applied if you want. Usually what the custom design option means is that you can choose what words you want to be displayed on the sign. You can also choose different fonts for the words. For the fonts, you find cursive very often and the sayings vary based on the room you put them in.

Farmhouse Wood Sign Sizes

The sizes of the sign can vary between each one. Some of the sizes you will see will include 16″ x 8″ all the way up to 30″ x 8″. What is really great about having wood signs is that you can opt for a design that strings multiple signs together. This allows you to have a sentence spread out using multiple signs instead of having the saying on just one sign.

Farmhouse Sayings on Wood Signs

Some of the most common sayings on wooden signs include “Enjoy the little things in life” and “Thankful, Grateful, Blessed”. There are also sayings that are different in the kitchen and the bathroom. The quotes are also very motivational at times, and other ones may feature quotes about families.

Farmhouse Signs With Lights

Another design is having lights around the frame of the sign. This is really popular during Christmas because the lights go great with the theme of Christmas. Some people even like to have this in the bathroom at night to use it as a nightlight.

In Summary

Since wood signs are easier to hang up, they tend to be more popular than metal signs. Of course, having more options in regard to design also makes people choose these. They can add a lot of value to your home and since some of the sayings can be motivational, they can inspire you to become a better person!

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