Metal Farmhouse Signs & Rustic Metal Signs

metal farmhouse signs

Farmhouse metal signs, which are also called rustic metal signs, are some of the most common decorations you will find inside people’s farm homes. While wood signs are popular, you may opt for metal because it is durable and unique. In addition, The metal ones come in white, black, dark grey, and brown, so you can match it in any room in your home.

You can find vertical metal farmhouse signs and horizontal signs as well. They usually feature sayings such as “Farmhouse” and “Farm Fresh” and “Home Sweet Home.” Two popular farmhouse themes include vintage embossed metal signs, modern farmhouse metal signs, and antique metal wall signs. We listed some of our favorite options below for sale.

Metal Farmhouse Signs For Sale


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How to Choose Metal Farmhouse Signs

You first want to focus on farmhouse wall decor that matches your home’s theme and color scheme. Next, the size of the sign can make a huge difference in your choices. There are small signs and very large metal signs for every room in your home.

We put some helpful tips below for choosing metal farmhouse wall decor.

Metal Farmhouse Sign Sizes

The sizes in these signs can vary with some being as big as 44 inches wide. Of course, not all of them are this big. You can get smaller signs that are around 16 inches wide if you prefer a tinier sign. Smaller sized signs seem to be the more preferred out of all of the sizes because they don’t stick out as much.

Farmhouse Sign Sayings

For the designs, people like to opt for common sayings such as “Home Sweet Home”, “Blessed”, “Live, Laugh, Love” or even “Farmhouse”. Other people like to use the signs to label different rooms in the house like the office or dining room. That’s what makes rustic signs so popular. You can place them anywhere in the house. The bathroom, living room, hallway, bedroom, literally any room in the house can be a good spot.

Metal Farmhouse Sign Colors

Even though there are multiple colors that you can choose from, black is by far the most popular color being used. This is understandable because black goes great with pretty much everything. However, if your home has a lot of white, brown can be a good alternative to black. As with dark grey, it can look great if your home has some dark blue in it.

In Summary

There’s a reason so many people have these signs up in their home. Not only does it add some extra style to it, but it makes it feel more personal. These sayings make their home truly feel like their home. Even a couple of sayings can bring more meaning to your home and that’s exactly what these signs do for people.

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