Farmhouse Canvas Art: How To Find Quality Pieces

farmhouse canvas art

Farmhouse canvas art is a great option in your home. You can find different colors, styles, and themes to upgrade the look of any room. When it comes to improving your farmhouse wall decor, you can’t go wrong with rustic canvas art. There are a variety of products for sale to decorate every wall in your home. Below, we have some of the top-rated farmhouse style canvas wall art for sale. Hopefully, you are able to find something for your farm home.

Farmhouse Canvas Art


Farmhouse Canvas Wall Art

Family Farm II by Lois Bryan, 22×32-Inch Canvas Wall Art

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Farmhouse Canvas Wall Art

An Old Gray Barn by Jai Johnson, 22×32-Inch Canvas Wall Art

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Farmhouse Canvas Wall Art

Farm Family I by Courtney Prahl, 14×19-Inch Canvas Wall Art

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Farmhouse Canvas Wall Art

Blossoms in Mason Jar Canvas Wall Art Print, Artwork

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Choosing Farmhouse Canvas Art

Farmhouse canvas art is a great way to make your rooms have that feel without needing to redecorate the entire space and you can get a feel for if it is the right design step for you at a lower price. Their blend of typically wooden backgrounds or sign styles, splashed with bright yellows, cool blues and even stark whites make a real focal piece on your wall, drawing your eye to them.

Display Botanical Prints

Vintage-style botanical prints are a go-to for farmhouse wall art. Floral images like wildflowers, herbs, and plants have an old-world feel perfect for a farmhouse space. Print and frame individual botanical sketches or opt for a large floral collage print made up of multiple designs. Black and white or sepia botanicals have a classic vintage look.

Hang Rustic Landscape Paintings

Paintings of pastoral farm scenes, rolling fields, or wooden barns capture the essence of farmhouse life. Display classic landscape oil paintings or prints showcasing fields, farmlands, or animals for a touch of rustic charm. You can also find more modern takes like abstract acrylic paintings of red barns or countryside vistas.

Incorporate Animal Imagery

Animals like cows, sheep, horses, and chickens are mainstays of farm life. Incorporate canvas prints or paintings featuring your favorite farm animals. From cute chicken portraits to stylized cow sketches and equine studies, animal art adds heart and whimsy. For a unique take, look for vintage-inspired animal drawings or silhouette designs.

Add Typography Prints

Lettering art speaking to core farmhouse themes makes for meaningful wall decor. Some ideas include prints featuring words like “Grateful,” “Gather,” and “Homestead” in typographic styles evoking the pastoral countryside. Bible verses, inspirational quotes, and sayings like “Fresh Eggs” in fun fonts also coordinate well with the overall farmhouse aesthetic.

Display Black & White Photography

For an understated look, hang stunning black and white photographic prints. Photos depicting rural fences, weathered farm buildings, rolling fields, or simple flower studies encapsulate farmhouse style. You can also frame black and white portraits of farm animals like horses, cows, and chickens. This creates an interesting contrast against colorful painted walls or wood accents.

Add Pops of Color

Although black, white, and neutrals dominate farmhouse decor, don’t overlook adding some bright colors for contrast and interest. Hang a vivid floral still life, green landscape, or even a modern abstract in bold crimson or mustard yellow. This injects lively personality into the space. Just be sure your color pops don’t clash with your existing scheme.

Farmhouse Canvas Art Sizes

Farmhouse canvas wall art comes in a range of shapes and sizes, from your traditional large rectangle pieces which are designed to be the focal point of a feature wall, drawing in people’s attention with a rustic and homely feel. To the less traditional smaller pieces which sometimes come in multiple canvases that can be used in smaller spaces, or where you want to create the illusion that the space you have is bigger than it seems.

Why You Want Rustic Canvas Wall Art

The cottage and farmhouse canvas wall decor is a fairly simple design style. And, whilst it was seen as traditional because of the color palette and wood finishes, the clean design edges and smooth style means it can have that modern edge which looks fantastic especially in kitchens and bathrooms. So if you are looking to embrace that farmhouse home or a country home style, then a canvas wall art design could be the best thing for you. We have a range of styles, sizes, and designs to suit any room, style, or taste.

A good piece will not only incorporate your own personality and style but it will also bring your room together, making it warm and welcoming for you, your family, and guests to enjoy.

Types of Rustic Canvas Art

Canvas wall art can come in many styles. One of the main themes is the rustic theme. When something is rustic, it usually features wood themes, farm styles, abstract, metal, and pallet themes. We absolutely love rustic canvas wall art and wall decor when decorating the walls in a farm home.

In Summary

The farmhouse decor style has made a popular design comeback in the last few years, the combination of those warm rustic wood finishes paired with cool grays and clear blues gives an elegant yet homely feel to any space in your home. One of the best ways to improve your farmhouse wall decor is with canvas art. Hopefully, you are able to find what you are looking for with all of the products above.

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