Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Decor & Wall Signs

It can be difficult to find the top-rated farmhouse themed dining room wall decorations. From paintings to canvas art to decorative wall signs, you can’t go wrong with the options we have available for sale. Below, you will find our complete collection of rustic dining room wall signs so you can complete your space.

Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Decor



What is Farmhouse Style in Dining Rooms?

The farmhouse style is unique and you never quite know what you will find on farmhouse dining room wall signs. Thinking about the dining room wall decor, the first word that comes to mind is rustic. So if you are seeking this look for your home here are some ideas.

Common Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Decor

When it comes to the dining room, you will mainly find wall signs that feature food or other eating messages. The most common sign you will encounter is a metal plaque engraved in black enamel with EAT, GATHER, HOME, or WELCOME on it. In the old days, the farmer often kept his early number license plates, and you may see one or two of them mounted on the wall.

How to Choose Farmhouse Dining Room Wall Signs

The designs on wall signs could be a rural scene or an animal. You can also find different abstract art or modern dining room art as well. Sometimes, you just want dining room wall decorations that will match the colors in your room and the textures.

Farmhouse Dining Room Tapestries

In the past, tapestries were hung on the wall as a form of art, and some were framed before they were hung up. If you go to a Historical Art Gallery, you will see some of these tapestries exhibited, and the needlework was exquisite. For anyone who enjoys doing needlework, this is easy to copy, but easier to purchase and will look great in your farmhouse dining room. Huge tapestries like carpets were often used to make the room feel cozier in winter.

Farmhouse Dining Room Paintings

You can find some rural artwork and then frame them for your dining room walls. Rural prints and rustic themes are perfect in a dining room. Paintings that look like originals or are original paintings can be unique and absolutely beautiful, especially if they incorporate textures.

When Decorating Your Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room

If you are looking for a unique farmhouse style, always refer to the past. Sometimes the only art on the wall was a shining copper jam pan, taken down and cleaned every month to maintain it. Many collectors put brass on the dining room walls, and sometimes you will see a horseshoe for good luck! If you look at paintwork for the 1900s, there were only about 8 colors on the Heritage color chart including olive green, brown, ivory, and brick red. You can have a lot of fun with these colors, they are authentic but a bit restrictive unless you vary them.

In Summary

You can have so much fun recreating your farmhouse dining room wall decor, take a look online for ideas. Farmhouse themed dining rooms can be difficult to decorate, but you absolutely need wall decorations.

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