Farmhouse Headboards & Rustic Headboards

farmhouse headboards

Farmhouse headboards make a beautiful addition to almost any bedroom style. When professional crafted, these pieces of furniture can make the focal points of any bedroom. In fact, it is one of the first things you see when it comes to farmouse bedroom furniture and decor. And, the amazing thing about headboards is that they are simple to install and can make your bed both ornamental and comfortable. All you need to do is to attach it to the head of your bed. We listed our favorite rustic headboards below that you can use in a master bedroom or another bedroom in your home.

Farmhouse Headboards


Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Archie Queen Wood Headboard in Walnut

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Archie King Wood Headboard in Black

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Archie Queen Wood Headboard in Gray

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How to Choose Farmhouse Headboards

Farmhouse headboards are designed from wood and are often finished with natural and rustic colors such as light brown, weathered white and dark brown. Others are metallic and are good if you want a more durable headboard.

Farmhouse Headboard Themes

They also come in different themes including industrial and rustic themes. The muted textures render them beautiful, warm and inviting. Finishes vary with some featuring natural hues such as chestnut, wenge, oak or walnut oils. The custom finishing makes them more durable. They can match pretty well with different bedroom décor styles. The headboards come in both modern, distressed and antique styles.

Farmhouse Headboard Sizes

As with anything that has to do with your bed, headboards come in all sizes. Whether you are looking for king Farmhouse headboards, queen size, full size, double size, or twin size, you will find what you are looking for above. Most furniture manufacturers are creating headboards in every size for every farmhouse bed size.

Quality of Wood

Due to the real wood construction, farmhouse headboards are functional and durable. They are expertly crafted from solid woods such as pine, oak, chestnut and walnut and many more. You can quickly bolt it to a wooden or metallic bed frame. Others are made of pure metallic which make them very sturdy.

Metal Farmhouse Headboards

Farmhouse metal headboards are great if you want to bring an industrial theme into your home. The quality construction makes them solid, stable and elegant. They are very supportive and are great for durable use.

In Summary

You can never go wrong with decorating your bedroom with farmhouse headboards. There are unlimited décor options and you can match them with your dressers, nightstands, and armoires. Be sure to select the right size, theme, and design that suits your bedroom décor needs.

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