15 Farmhouse Bedding Ideas You’ll Love

If you love the cozy, vintage feel of farmhouse style, one of the easiest ways to bring that look into your bedroom is with your bedding. Farmhouse bedding sets the tone for the whole space with its casual, homespun charm. From checked prints to natural fibers, read on for 15 farmhouse bedding ideas to give your master suite or guest room a fresh new look.

15 Farmhouse Bedding Ideas

1. Plaid & Gingham

Plaid and gingham patterns are quintessential farmhouse prints. Opt for bedding with classic buffalo check or other muted plaids in cotton, linen, or flannel fabrics. Layer the patterns by mixing plaids, gingham, and solids for a cozy farmhouse look. Add pillows in coordinating plaids. Plaid and gingham bedding offers timeless appeal.

2. Floral Bedding

Vintage-inspired floral prints bring a feminine touch to farmhouse bedrooms. Look for small-scale floral patterns in muted, earthy color palettes. Accent with antique-looking embroidery and trim details. Floral bedding creates a romantic, cottage feel.

3. Patchwork Quilts

Display family heirloom quilts or shop for new quilt bedding to make a statement. The patchwork stitching and mix of prints and colors exude old-fashioned charm. Fold quilts at the foot of the bed or use them as an alternative to a duvet. Quilted bedding adds homespun appeal.

4. Neutral Linens

Crisp white or beige linen bedding instantly evokes rustic character. The lightweight feel and visible texture of linen makes it perfect for warmer months too. Layer cotton sheets with linen duvet covers and shams for an airy look. Linen bedding keeps spaces relaxed and casual.

5. Woven Textures

Incorporate other natural textures like jute, cotton and wool in blankets, rugs and bedding for an earthy vibe. Try woven throws, knit pillows, nubby linens and tufted coverlets. Mixing woven textures creates cozy depth.

6. Washed Cotton

Washed cotton bedding has a faded, vintage appearance that fits right in with farmhouse decor. Look for distressed cotton duvets, sheet sets and quilt covers in muted solids and plaids. Washed cotton bedding brings old-fashioned charm to a bedroom.

7. Vintage Style Headboards

An upholstered, tufted headboard gives the bed a farmhouse feel. Look for headboards with nailhead trim, distressed wood or chippy painted finishes. Repurpose old doors or architectural salvage to make a statement headboard. The headboard sets the farmhouse vibe for the whole bed.

8. White Goose Down Comforters

A plush white goose down comforter provides year-round comfort with a farmhouse look. The fluffy, lightweight feel of down keeps the bedding fresh and airy. Pair the comforter with vintage-wash cotton duvet covers. White goose down offers cloud-like softness.

9. Wool Blankets

Layer wool blankets at the foot of the bed or use as accents for warm, inviting texture. Look for wool knit, woven or felted styles in neutral solids or simple plaids. Wool’s natural properties help regulate temperature too. The coziness of wool fits right in with farmhouse aesthetics.

10. Farmhouse Neutrals

Bedding in soft neutrals like cream, tan and light gray help create a calm, peaceful farmhouse retreat. Try layering blankets, sheets and shams in soothing natural hues. Paint walls a matching neutral tone to enhance the effect. Neutral bedding allows farmhouse accessories to stand out.

11. Pops of Color

Make the bedding palette more playful with pops of cheerful color like red, yellow, green or blue. Start with predominantly neutral bedding as your base and mix in bold-colored pillows, blankets and shams for contrast. Pops of color inject personality into farmhouse bedrooms.

12. Natural Materials

Use bedding and accessories made from natural, sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, jute and wool. Look for textiles produced using low-impact dyes. Beds made with all-natural materials align with farmhouse values.

13. Wood Furniture

Farmhouse style wood beds and nightstands complement the bedding. Look for solid wood pieces with minimal carving and distressing. Painted, chippy white furnishings also work well. Natural wood furniture suits casual fabrics.

14. Checked & Striped Mix

Play with different classic patterns like checked, striped and floral by mixing and matching prints on pillows, shams and coverlets. Keep patterns to a similar color family like creams and blues. The layered patterns create dynamic farmhouse texture.

15. Embroidered Accents

Detail bedding and pillows with hand-embroidered accents like monograms, flowers and motifs for a homemade touch. Look for vintage embroidery or new bedding with stitched accents. Embroidery brings charming character to farmhouse bedding.


With so many ways to embrace the farmhouse bedding aesthetic, you can easily create a bedroom retreat with cozy, vintage flair. From gingham to wool blankets, choose bedding pieces with timeworn character and natural texture. Mix patterns, textures and colors within a sooth neutral palette for the perfect farmhouse foundation. Sweet dreams!

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