Double Farmhouse Sinks & Double Apron-Front Sinks

double farmhouse sinks

Whether you are renovating a kitchen or you simply want to replace the sink, double farmhouse sinks can be an excellent choice. Apron-front sinks have grown in popularity over the past few years. Double farmhouse sinks are a traditional or classic choice, both for rustic and country kitchens. Furthermore, modernized styles of farmhouse sinks are too available that can be a trendy addition to every kitchen. Note, these sinks are functional, durable, and attractive.

Double Farmhouse Sinks



Double Farmhouse Sink Material

There are a variety of double farmhouse sinks that are perfect for your home. We listed our favorites below along with the brand and the sizes. Double sinks are functional and beautiful because you have two separate areas to work with.

Double Fireclay Farmhouse Sinks

Fireclay is a versatile material and it’s simultaneously trendy and classic. These sinks are typically made of clay, that is heated to a very high temperature in order to make the sink hard, tough, and durable. The process also gives it a beautiful shine. Note, double fireclay farmhouse sinks are resistant to chips and scratches. Plus, they are easy to clean.


Double Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Double farmhouse sinks that are made of copper, generally have a hammered finish. Over time, the copper sink naturally develops a beautiful patina since it reacts with various substances which come in contact with it.


Double Cast Iron Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are available in a wide variety of materials, including cast iron. Cast iron is durable, affordable, easy-to-clean, and easy-to-maintain. Furthermore, cast iron adds a contemporary twist to the sink which can be associated with country-style and traditional kitchens.


How to Choose Double Farmhouse Sinks

First off, you should always choose a size first and foremost. You can generally choose from 30″ to 33″ to 36″ double apron-front sinks. Then, you want to choose a material and a color. You generally pay more for materials like cast iron and copper double sinks. Conversely, fireclay farmhouse double sinks and stainless steel farmhouse double sinks are slightly less expensive. Lastly, you want to make sure the kitchen design fits your kitchen and your style.

Double Farmhouse Sink Colors

Double farmhouse sinks are available in four beautiful color options, such as white, black, blue, and brown. White farmhouse sinks are widely popular for their polished and sophisticated look. However, you can definitely go beyond a white farmhouse sink and choose either a black farmhouse sink for a classy and vibrant look, or you can choose a brown double farmhouse sink for a contemporary appearance.

Why Should You Use Double Farmhouse Sinks?

The farmhouse sinks are large and they are designed for heavy usage. They have been a popular choice in farmhouses for several centuries since they can easily hold piles of dishes, and large pots, pans, and utensils etc. The large basin of these sinks makes them easy to fit for cleaning and soaking large pans and pots. Since these farmhouse sinks have two separate basins, you will have separate areas for food preparation and cleaning of dirty dishes.

What Are Double Sinks Used For?

You can use each side for different purposes. For example, when you use a double farmhouse sink, you can defrost dinner on one side and wash babies bottles on the other side. You can use one side of the sink use a strainer and the other side for soaking dishes. You can additional functionality and it is very useful in homes that only have 1 sink near the kitchen.

What is a 60/40 Double Sink?

It means that one side of the sink takes up 60% of the space and the other side of the sink takes up 40% of the sink. You can generally choose from 50/50 sinks or 60/40 sinks.

In Summary

Double farmhouse sinks are a popular option that many homeowners choose in their kitchen. Some people are installing multiple sinks in their kitchen or an additional sink in their laundry room. One option you have is to simply purchase a double sink, especially if you are short on space.

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