Farmhouse Nightstands: Guide to Choosing Rustic Bedside Tables

farmhouse nightstands

We love the farmhouse lifestyle, decor, and furniture, especially farmhouse nightstands. With exquisite craftsmanship, simplicity and style being the major hallmarks of these nightstands, you can never resist the beauty and functionality they bring. Whether you prefer matching or mix-match styles, farmhouse nightstands are the perfect accent pieces that can transform the decor and functionality of your bedroom. Since we spend so much time looking for bedding and other bedroom decor, we should spend the same amount of time on furniture.

You will find a variety of rustic nightstands below to complete your bedroom furniture. While you may want to find a bedroom furniture set, you can’t go wrong with the nightstands we have listed.

Farmhouse Nightstands For Sale

Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Modway Tracy Nightstand in Cappuccino

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

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Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Aurora Farmhouse nightstand

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What is a Farmhouse Nightstand?

A farmhouse nightstand typically has a wooden cabinet with an informal, handcrafted look reminiscent of antique furniture. Identifying features include:

  • Made of natural wood like oak, pine, or reclaimed barnwood
  • Distressed painted or stained finish to look aged
  • Simplistic hardware like cast iron pulls or knobs
  • Exposed joinery using nails, dovetails or tongue and groove
  • Open shelving or farmhouse accents like crossbuck x supports
  • Optional drawer with wood glide or casters for mobility

Ranging from minimalist to ornate, farmhouse nightstands have a timeworn, vintage feel that provides an approachable and cozy bedside presence.

Benefits of Farmhouse Nightstands

Farmhouse nightstands offer versatility and charm:

Matches farmhouse and many other decors – Pairs well with cottage, traditional, rustic, Scandinavian, or eclectic styles.

Provides personal storage space – Keep books, glasses, lamp and phone within reach. Top surface for bedtime essentials.

Makes a stylish statement – Distressed paints and natural wood bring eye-catching artisanal appeal.

Offers flexibility – Come in wide-ranging sizes, shapes, materials and configurations to suit needs.

Gives visual balance – Matching nightstands provide a grounded foundation on both sides of a bed.

Easy to decorate – Wood tops take well to floral arrangements, ceramics and table lamps.

From small accent tables to larger dresser-style nightstands, farmhouse versions provide distinctive designer looks that make productive bedside storage.

Popular Styles and Key Features

Farmhouse nightstands come in an array of shapes and sizes to complement your space and needs. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Classic Cabinet

  • Square or rectangular wooden cabinets, often with a lower shelf
  • Arched aprons, decorative molding and panel doors
  • Turned feet or casters allow mobility

Open Shelves

  • Slim hall table or console table silhouette
  • Multiple shelves instead of cabinets for display
  • Ideal for books and bedside essentials
  • Sometimes feature hanging rails or drawers


  • Upcycled from old crates, barrels, salvaged barnwood
  • Shows patina and markings from previous use
  • Often combined with new wood or pipe for base

Crossbuck “X” Accent

  • x-frame support attaches tabletop
  • Creates signature farmhouse look
  • Incorporates reclaimed barnwood for rustic texture


  • Larger nightstand alternative, like shortened dressers
  • Provides more storage with multiple drawers
  • Butcher block or quartz tops allow food and drink

Rustic Mixed Material

  • Combines natural wood with patinad metal, linen, leather
  • Contrasts industrial piping with reclaimed tops
  • Adds eclectic flair and artisanal appeal

Choose nightstand styles that complement your existing headboard and bedroom furnishings.

Selecting the Right Size

When selecting a farmhouse nightstand, make sure to measure your space carefully. Leave ample room for opening drawers and passing through traffic areas.

Small: 12-24 inches wide. For tight spaces or x-frame support tables.

Medium: 25-30 inches wide. Dimensions can accomodate an average lamp.

Large: Over 30 inches wide. For substantial presence in larger bedrooms.

Pro Tip: If using two nightstands, make sure they are identical or very similar in size and style to keep bedsides balanced.

Styles of Farmhouse Nightstands

A farmhouse nightstand is more than just a functional piece of furniture; it adds warmth, character, and style to your bedroom. With various designs and finishes to choose from, farmhouse nightstands can be the perfect accent to complement your existing décor. Farmhouse nightstands are available in a variety of styles, which we listed below. If you can pair your beautiful rustic nightstands with farmhouse headboards and bed frames, you will have beautiful bedroom furniture.

Rustic Nightstands

These are specially designed to exude a unique and contemporary look in your bedside. These nightstands come with multiple drawers for maximum bedside storage. They feature convenient open compartments that are great for keeping reading materials and more. The metal handles combined with drawer slides make these nightstands very practical. You can customize the drawers by using the shallow drawers for storing small items while the deep drawers for personal stuff like clothing and other accessories. Most rustic nightstands also feature clean lines that can blend any bedroom décor.

Country Nightstands

From combating clutter to handling all your functional needs, country farmhouse nightstands can give your bedroom a cohesive look. The drawers run smoothly along the sturdy metal glides that feature safety stops. The shelves provide ample space for keeping personal stuff such as cell phones and other nightly reads. Country nightstands are available in different colors ranging from white and grey to dark and light brown. They also have solid finishes that give them stylish appeal and modern appearance.

Distressed Nightstands

These offer more than just a space for keeping an alarm clock, reading lamp or glass of water. Distressed nightstands are great additions that can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any guest or master bedroom space. These nightstands feature cleanly lined silhouette with a distressed finish. They also come with drawers that provide convenient arm-reach storage. It means you can quickly access your phone, e-reader or tablet and other nighttime essentials at the comfort of your bed. Whether you are after storage space, style or fashion, distressed nightstands provide the perfect base for your bedroom ensemble.

Choosing the Perfect Farmhouse Nightstand

To find the perfect farmhouse nightstand for your bedroom, you should consider the following factors below. You want to make sure that your nightstand matches other furniture in your bedroom, such as any farmhouse ladders, desks, trunks, or bookshelves that you may be using in your bedroom.

  • Furniture Material:

    Farmhouse nightstands typically feature wood or metal construction, with some incorporating a combination of materials. Select a material that complements your bed frame and other furniture.

  • Nightstand Size:

    Determine the ideal height and width of your nightstand by considering the available space and the height of your bed.

  • Nightstand Storage:

    Evaluate your storage needs and choose a nightstand with drawers, shelves, or a combination of both to keep your essentials organized.

  • Color and Finish:

    Opt for a finish that complements your bedroom’s color scheme, whether it’s a natural wood stain, distressed paint, or a sleek metal finish.

Styling Your Farmhouse Nightstand

Once you’ve chosen your farmhouse nightstand, follow these tips to style it like a pro:

  • Table lighting:

    Place a table lamp with a vintage-inspired design or an industrial touch to provide soft, ambient lighting.

  • Trays to organize:

    Use trays or decorative bowls to corral small items like jewelry, glasses, or remotes, while adding visual interest.

  • Add personal farmhouse touches:

    Display a framed photo, a favorite book, or a small plant to make your nightstand feel unique and personal.

  • Layer textures:

    Introduce a cozy throw or a small rug beneath your nightstand to add depth and warmth.

DIY Farmhouse Nightstand Ideas

If you’re up for a creative challenge, consider these DIY farmhouse nightstand ideas:

  • Repurpose an old piece:

    Transform a vintage side table or small farmhouse dresser into a charming nightstand with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

  • Pallet nightstand:

    Build a simple, rustic nightstand using reclaimed wood pallets, sanding and staining them to achieve the desired finish.

  • Crate nightstand:

    Stack wooden crates to create a unique nightstand with built-in storage. Customize the finish and add caster wheels for a touch of industrial charm.

In Summary

If you prefer style, fashion and functionality all in one package, then farmhouse nightstands will give you a blast. These nightstands are very functional and feature thoughtful designs that go beyond the obvious. You can find them in white, light brown, dark brown and grey colors.

By carefully selecting the right materials, size, and finish, you can create a cohesive look that complements your existing décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styling techniques or even embark on a DIY project to make your nightstand uniquely yours.

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