Find The Best Rae Dunn Easter Decor

Rae Dunn Easter Decorations are beautiful and they can be used every single year. If you have a farm style home, Rae Dunn pottery is perfect in your kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. And the best part is that you can use seasonal decorations for the holidays throughout the year.

Remember those times as a kid when you would go on an Easter Egg Hunt or paint some eggs? That is what makes Easter so iconic. Going outside or in your house and going on a hunt and getting prizes and painting was something we all enjoyed as a kid. But an underrated part about Easter is all the decorations you put up to celebrate the holiday. This year, don’t miss out on all the fun and check out Rae Dunn’s products for Easter!

15 Popular Rae Dunn Easter Decorations For Sale


Rae Dunn

Rae Dunn LITTLE CHICK Easter Mug – allside YELLOW – Ceramic – very rare!

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Rae Dunn

Rae Dunn by Magenta Hip! Hop! divided Snack Tray Easter bunnys

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Rae Dunn

Rae Dunn HIP HOP, EASTER EGGS, HAPPY EASTER Nesting Mixing Bowls, Set of 3 by Magenta

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Decorating for Easter with Rae Dunn

When it comes to decorating for Easter and spring, Rae Dunn offers charming, nostalgic items that add personality to your holiday celebrations. From Easter eggs to bunny-themed dishware, Rae Dunn has everything you need to decorate your home for this joyful season.

How to Choose Rae Dunn Easter Decor

All of the decorations available from Rae Dunn will bring a little extra cheer to your home this Easter. You can find a wonderful selection of Rae Dunn Easter mugs, serving trays, eggs, signs, dishes, teapots, and more. The prices are quite affordable, so you can decorate without worrying about your budget.

Rae Dunn Easter Eggs

Rae Dunn offers beautiful hand-painted Easter eggs in a rainbow of colors like blue, yellow, pink, purple, and more. Some eggs feature simple stripes or polka dots, while others have detailed flower designs. Choose plain white Easter eggs with Rae Dunn’s signature lettering like “Hop” or “Spring.” For a farmhouse vibe, opt for eggs with chickens, floral wreaths, or gingham patterns.

Bunny Motif Dinnerware

Dress up your Easter dinner table with Rae Dunn plates, mugs, and serving platters featuring bunnies. The collection includes dishes with solo bunnies, bunny families, fields of carrots, and darling sayings like “Peter Rabbit,” “Bunny Hugs,” and “Some Bunny Loves You.” For a coordinating look, display Rae Dunn’s bunny canisters and salt & pepper shakers.

Easter Wall Signs and Decor

Rae Dunn’s charming Easter signs and plaques are perfect for mantels, shelves, and tabletop displays. Choose from wooden signs shaped like carrots with sayings like “Hip Hop” and “Carrot Patch.” Letter boards with interchangeable letters are great for custom messages. Pink floral wreaths, bunny garlands, and bunny silhouettes add a touch of farmhouse cheer.

Rae Dunn for Every Easter Table

Rae Dunn dinnerware is available in so many delightful Easter motifs that you can find the perfect collection for every type of tablescape.

Farmhouse Easter Table

For a cozy farmhouse table, use Rae Dunn dishes and mugs with chickens, floral details, and gingham patterns. Bunnies, carrots, and pastel eggs with add to the pastoral vibe.

Rustic Easter Table

Set a charming rustic table with Rae Dunn stoneware featuring rabbits, wreaths, and intricate eggs in muted natural hues.

Whimsical Easter Table

Rae Dunn’s polka dot dinnerware, teacup bunnies, carrot dishes, and colorful eggs will set a playful, whimsical Easter mood.

Modern Easter Table

For contemporary style, opt for Rae Dunn’s solid color stoneware in hues like mint, lavender, pink, or robin’s egg blue. Modern bunny silhouettes or minimalist eggs complete the look.

Kid-Friendly Easter

Rae Dunn platters decorated with Peter Rabbit characters or bright, cheery bunny designs are perfect for a kid-friendly Easter celebration.

Quality & Value from Rae Dunn

In addition to being absolutely adorable, Rae Dunn’s Easter offerings are quality items that will bring seasonal joy for years to come. The stoneware and wood craftsmanship ensure durability to withstand many Easters. Furthermore, Rae Dunn’s affordable prices make it easy for anyone to decorate on a budget.

3 Farmhouse Easter Decorating Tips with Rae Dunn

1. Use Pastel Color Palettes

Pastels like mint, blush, robin’s egg blue, and lavender give a soft, vintage farmhouse vibe for Easter. Look for Rae Dunn stoneware, mugs, and eggs in these hues. Display against burlap, wood crates, and distressed white walls.

2. Incorporate Floral Touches

Rae Dunn offers several plates, mugs, and signs decorated with floral wreaths, tulips, and daisies. Pull these into your farmhouse Easter look along with fresh flowers and greenery. Bunny silhouettes surrounded by flower garlands are another charming touch.

3. Mix & Match Motifs

Combining Rae Dunn motifs like chickens, rabbits, gingham, and pastoral phrases creates a cohesive farmhouse Easter theme. Include different collections in your tablescape and home decor displays for visual interest.


Keep decor simple and embrace imperfections. Allow some patina showing on wood crates, baskets, and signs. Rae Dunn’s handmade style with its ripples and hand-painted lettering pairs perfectly with authentic farmhouse decor.

This spring, hop to it and browse Rae Dunn’s splendid Easter collections! From tableware to decor, these handcrafted finds will help you host a memorable holiday filled with charm and personality.

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