8 Rae Dunn Decor Tips For a Farmhouse Style Home

incorporating rae dunn decor in farmhouse home

Farmhouse style decor, known for its comfort and charm, is a popular choice for many homeowners. When it comes to choosing decor that complements this aesthetic, Rae Dunn’s pottery collection is a natural fit. With its rustic charm and simplistic design, Rae Dunn pieces can seamlessly blend into a farmhouse-themed home. Here are seven tips for incorporating Rae Dunn decor into your farmhouse style home.

8 Tips For Incorporating Rae Dunn Decorations

Below, I will go over some different ways to add Rae Dunn pottery throughout every room. Some ways are more subtle while others can transform a room. Either way, the Rae Dunn aesthetic fits perfectly in farmhouse homes and country themed homes.

1. Rae Dunn Mugs for Open Shelving Display

Open shelving is a staple of farmhouse decor. Displaying a collection of Rae Dunn mugs, with their signature font and organic shapes, on open kitchen shelves can add a touch of rustic elegance. The mugs’ neutral colors and simple designs match perfectly with the unpretentious allure of the farmhouse style.

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2. Rae Dunn Bowls for a Rustic Dining Experience

Incorporate Rae Dunn bowls into your dinnerware for a rustic dining experience. The bowls, like all Rae Dunn pottery, have a handmade feel that resonates with the farmhouse aesthetic. Mix and match different sized bowls for a more eclectic look.

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3. Rae Dunn Bathroom Decor for a Farmhouse-Style Bathroom

Add a touch of farmhouse charm to your bathroom with Rae Dunn bathroom decor. Items like soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and towels with Rae Dunn’s iconic font can bring the farmhouse aesthetic to even the smallest spaces in your home.

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4. Rae Dunn Ornaments for a Farmhouse-Style Christmas

When the holiday season comes around, embrace the farmhouse aesthetic with Rae Dunn ornaments. These ornaments, often featuring festive words in the brand’s signature font, can add a rustic charm to your Christmas tree.

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5. Rae Dunn Birdhouses for Outdoor Spaces

Don’t forget about your outdoor spaces. Rae Dunn birdhouses can add a farmhouse touch to your garden or patio. These birdhouses, with their rustic aesthetic and whimsical fonts, echo the comfort and simplicity of the farmhouse style.

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6. Rae Dunn Canisters for Kitchen Storage

Storage is a key aspect of a practical and stylish farmhouse kitchen. Rae Dunn canisters offer a stylish solution for storing kitchen essentials like flour, sugar, and coffee. The canisters’ simplistic design and handcrafted feel align beautifully with the farmhouse style.

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7. Layer Rae Dunn Textiles for a Cozy Feel

Layering textiles is a great way to create a cozy, welcoming farmhouse atmosphere. Rae Dunn offers a variety of textiles like throw pillows and blankets that can enhance the comfort factor in your living room or bedroom. The natural colors and simple designs of these textiles blend effortlessly with the farmhouse aesthetic.

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8. Use Rae Dunn Candles

Candles can be a great way to incorporate decorations and improve the scent of your home. Rae Dunn offers a line of candles and you can use them in your kitchen.

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Incorporating Rae Dunn decor into a farmhouse style home can enhance its rustic charm and cozy feel. From kitchen to bathroom, indoor to outdoor, there are numerous ways to incorporate Rae Dunn pieces into every corner of your home. Whether it’s a collection of mugs on an open shelf, a birdhouse in the garden, or a cozy blanket on the couch, Rae Dunn’s pottery collection offers the perfect pieces to complement your farmhouse-themed home.

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