Farmhouse Serving Trays & Rustic Serving Trays

If you’re looking for innovative decorating ideas, there’s a chance you’ve never considered the decorative potential offered by farmhouse serving trays. It can be difficult to find an abundance of farmhouse trays for sale, which is why we curated a list of our favorite products below.

Farmhouse Serving Trays


Farmhouse Decor

Round Wood Plank Serving Tray-Weathered Farmhouse Chic (Accessories Not Included)

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Farmhouse Decor

Stonebriar Square Worn White Sweet Home Wooden Serving Tray with Metal Handles

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How to Choose a Farmhouse Serving Tray

Let’s look at some of the possibilities when it comes to rustic trays. Start with a rustic basket tray with a timeless look. This allows you to add candles, plants, books or whatever combination suits your tastes, so you really can’t go wrong with this kind of farmhouse serving tray. In addition, farmhouse trays with handles are very popular because it makes them easier to carry.

Multi-Level Farmhouse Trays

Now let’s shift over to multilevel trays. Once again the materials can vary, and the only limit on what you can do with these kinds of farmhouse serving trays is your imagination. They make great plant holders, and once again the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorative flourishes.

Layered farmhouse serving trays open up even more possibilities that extend to starting an herb garden. A fruit basket is yet another look you can go for, and they can even function as birdbaths or go with a bird nest look.

Seasonal Country Trays

You can also go seasonal with your use of farmhouse serving trays. Gourds and decorative pumpkins for Halloween are one possibility, as is holly and garland for a Christmas theme. They make great bunny trays for Easter, especially if you have little ones who’ll be hunting for candy and Easter eggs.

Whitewashed Farmhouse Trays

If you’re after a more elegant look, consider a whitewashed wooden tray that can be used in virtually any room. They’re versatile enough to fit the decor of virtually any room, and you can change the decor accordingly when you move them around. Some of these trays come with handles, which makes that possibility even easier.

Antique Farmhouse Trays

Don’t forget about antiques. The weathered look of many rustic serving trays makes them ideal for adding antiques as a decorative element. The neat part about this particular implementation of a farmhouse serving tray is that you can actually add different, full-size antiques and design an entire room around a very simple, small design piece.

Tray Materials

For a more rustic look, farmhouse trays come in materials that seem unlikely as design decorative possibilities. Ladders, washtubs, wire and wood all offer different kinds of rustic looks that can give any room an unconventional, surprising look.

Farmhouse Tray Colors

It’s important to remember that all of these farmhouse serving trays come in fairly neutral colors, so be sure to incorporate that into your design decisions. Other than that, feel free to go crazy with your use of farmhouse serving trays, for they offer some of the wildest possibilities you’ll ever encounter.

In Summary

If you are searching for new decorations that also serve a purpose, consider country serving trays. They look beautiful in a farm home and the options are endless. You can purchase one of our beautiful options for sale above.

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