Use Rae Dunn Butter Dishes In Your Home

rae dunn butter dishes

Rae Dunn butter dishes and butter plates have a beautiful design. You will never regret having them on your table with family, especially during a holiday. We put together a huge selection of butter dishes by Rae Dunn that you will absolutely love.

Best Rae Dunn Butter Dishes



What Is a Rae Dunn Butter Dish

A Rae Dunn butter dish is a ceramic butter crock made by the artist Rae Dunn. It typically features her signature hand-lettered words like “Butter” on a simple white stoneware design. Rae Dunn butter dishes have lids to seal in freshness and keep butter spreadable at room temperature. These charming butter dishes have become wildly popular decor items thanks to their nostalgic farmhouse style. They evoke old-fashioned kitchens in a fresh, modern way.

Why Are Rae Dunn Butter Dishes Popular?

Rae Dunn fans love displaying the butter crocks on kitchen counters and tables as functional art pieces that add her recognizable lettering to their farmhouse decor. The butter dishes come in a variety of patterns and make fantastic gifts. Rae Dunn’s simple, rustic stoneware designs have sparked a decor craze, making her butter crocks and other kitchenware highly coveted.

Why You Need a Rae Dunn Butter Dish

These beautifully designed pieces consist of two parts – tray and lid. All of the butter dishes have words like “butter” or “spread” imprinted on them. They look amazing and fit perfectly in every kitchen design. Rae Dunn Butter Dishes would be just the thing to add to a rustic designed kitchen or a farmhouse styled home. They will look beautiful in your fridge and when you put them out with a family dinner.

6 Reasons to Get a Rae Dunn Butter Dish

Farmhouse Style

Rae Dunn butter dishes feature simple, clean designs with hand-painted lettering that embodies farmhouse style. The butter dishes labeled “Butter” add Rae’s signature look to your kitchen decor.

Keeps Butter Fresh

The lidded ceramic butter dishes help keep butter fresh and spreadable at room temperature. The airtight seal prevents butter from going rancid as quickly.

Variety of Patterns

Rae Dunn offers butter dishes in a wide variety of painted patterns beyond basic white, like florals, stripes, and holiday motifs. Find one that matches your kitchen decor.

Great Gift

A Rae Dunn butter dish makes a lovely housewarming gift. Pair it with fancy butter or breads for a thoughtful gift basket.

Coordinates Collections

Rae Dunn dishes are designed to coordinate seamlessly. Use a butter dish to tie together your creamer, canister, and crockery collections.

Conversation Starter

The hand-lettered butter dishes often spark conversation thanks to the recognizable Rae Dunn lettering style. They make charming conversational pieces.


Most of us like to eat butter with our bread. Whether it is in a meal or spread on a slice of bread, it is a pretty plain and common thing. Think about what would it be like if you can make morning routine with butter more interesting and appealing? That’s right, a Rae Dunn butter dish is exactly what you need in your fridge and your kitchen. Hopefully, you are able to find a new Rae Dunn butter holder with all of the options we have listed above.

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