Farmhouse Wine Glasses & Stemless Wine Glasses

When most people think of wine glasses, they think of elegant, long-stem glassware. They tend to come in a one-size-fits-all format, and the glasses they envision generally tend to be on the pricier side. We put together a list of some of the top-rated farmhouse themed wine glasses you will find anywhere.

Farmhouse Wine Glasses



How to Choose Farmhouse Wine Glasses

When it comes to choosing wine glasses, it can be very difficult to choose a theme, style, color, and size. One of the most popular themes is farmhouse wine glasses, which come in such a wide variety of styles that it’s nearly impossible to cover them all.

We’ll mention and describe some of the best, though. Start with square farmhouse wine glasses that turns the style question on its ear. Then add stemless wine glasses, which are funkier and more suitable for casual occasions.

Rustic Themed Wine Glasses

Rustic farmhouse wine glasses also come in literally thousands of cute and funny formats. These include farm animals, engrave pet phrases and sayings, daily mottoes you can live by, and more. Generally, rustic themes include country and outdoor themes.

Farmhouse Stemless Wine Glasses

Some stemless farmhouse wine glasses are every bit as classy and elegant as their more expensive and stemmed counterparts. Many feature colors, designs, and inscriptions on the size that put them in a category of their own. Stemless wine glasses are very popular because they are easier to use and more durable. They are also very popular if you are looking for outdoor options during the warm summer months.

Farmhouse Engraved Wine Glasses

Now let’s talk about elegant engraved farmhouse wine glasses. Flowers, romantic inscriptions, landscapes and any number of artistic concepts fit the bill here as part of the package, so once again its all about your tastes and needs. There are also plenty of options where you can get personalized wine glasses with custom engravings.

Farmhouse Wine Goblets

Goblets can be included in this category as well. These offer the element of surprise at your table, and they’re guaranteed to delight your guests, who may be inclined to think they’re a lot pricier than they actually are.

Choose Wine Glasses that Fit Your Home

Before you go purchasing or researching all of the possibilities, though, it makes some sense to do some planning. Make a list of what kinds of occasions you want when it comes to parties, dinners, informal get togethers and so on. Then match those up with the appropriate farmhouse wine glass category, and make your choices accordingly.

You’ll probably find there are a lot more wine glass types and styles than their are occasions–including modern farmhouse wine glasses– but of course that’s part of the fun of the selection process.

Sturdy and Durable Wine Glasses

You may also want to factor sturdiness into the farmhouse wine glass equation. Some are on the fragile side, so make sure you balance your collection to include some unbreakable wine glasses, especially if your parties and dinners tend to be on the informal side. I think the best idea is to have a set of elegant wine glasses for formal occasions and stemless wine glasses for informal dinners.

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