Farmhouse Floor Lamps & Rustic Floor Lamps

farmhouse floor lamps

We absolutely love the look of farmhouse floor lamps in a country home. Whether you live in a contemporary farmhouse style condo or a cozy countryside cottage, the right lighting can reflect your unique style. If you are a fan of the shabby chic look, then add farmhouse floor lamps to your space. Below, we put a listing of our rustic floor lamps for sale that you will love.

Farmhouse Floor Lamps


Farmhouse Floor Lamps

Uttermost 28180-1 Vetralla

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Why You Need a Farmhouse Floor Lamp

These slender and tall lamps can bring a warm glow into the room, and also they are a perfect choice for relaxing with a good book after a hard and long day. You can use rustic floor lamps in your living room to create an inviting ambiance and a personalized stylish look.

You can choose a country or rustic floor lamp that has a base that’s beautifully enhanced with a distressed finish. Distressed marks emit an antique vibe. From white to colorful paint, this base gives the lamp a unique country-inspired look.

Types of Rustic Floor Lamps

Some lamps include fabulous accents like organic motifs with leaves and birds or scrollwork. These touchy details give the lamp extra charm and create a whimsical, sweet look. So keep an eye out for these decorative lamps.

If you want to liven up the room, colorful glass shade can do that for you. Reminiscent of vintage design, this floor lamp boasts a vibrant and durable glass shade. From different floral designs to dragonflies, it creates a classic style for your chosen room.

Find a Country Floor Lamp

If you want to update the lighting country and rustic floor lamps are a wise decision. From many soft colors to stunning sculpted accents, these lamps enhance the bedroom or your living room with a warm and inviting look. If you are a fan of trendy then cage lights with old-time bulbs may be the perfect choice for you. Movable cages will allow you to have light almost anywhere you need it.

Farmhouse Living Room Floor Lamps

One of the best options for a farmhouse style living room is a floor lamp. You can use floor lamps with different materials such as metal, wood, and glass. In addition, there are different colors that can fit your living room like white, light brown, dark brown, and black.

In Summary

We absolutely love farmhouse style floor lamps in a home. First, you want to find the kind of lighting will fit best in your home and enjoy your new bold look that everyone will adore. Once you add a floor lamp to your farmhouse family room, living room, bedroom, or nursery, you will absolutely love it.

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