Farmhouse Copper Sinks

farmhouse copper sinks

If you are looking for farmhouse copper sinks, you have come to the right place. We have put together a huge variety of copper farmhouse sinks that you will love. We have some varieties with an apron front that are more likely to work in a kitchen as well as smaller copper sinks for a bathroom.

Farmhouse Copper Sinks

You will find a huge variety of farmhouse copper sinks below featuring rustic, modern, vintage, and contemporary styles. In the case you are not sure what to buy for your home, scroll down and we have plenty of farmhouse home design tips, inspirational pictures, and decorating ideas so you can improve your home decor.

Our Farmhouse Copper Sinks

You can first start by scrolling through our farmhouse sinks that we carry. We love all of these options below and we only add products to our website that we would put in our own home.

Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sinks Priced $0-$400

We first start by listed all of our farmhouse copper kitchen sinks priced below $400. Many are under-mount sinks and they are not as thick and durable as the high-quality versions. If you have a kitchen with granite counter-tops, high-quality cabinets, appliances, you might want to look at the options in the next section. The sinks below will all be great in any kitchen regardless of the surrounding home decor.


Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sinks Priced $0-$400

If you are living in a beautiful barn themed home, you will love all of the apron front and luxury hand crafted, hand hammered, and custom designed copper sinks. You will find bold decorated fronts on the sinks, full bowls, double sinks, and prep bowls. Most of them are all hand-crafted by artisans from 99% pure copper or more.


Copper Bathroom Sinks Priced $0-$250

Farmhouse sinks usually have an apron front but we think the copper bathroom sinks listed work perfect in a farm home. If you have a country themed home, all of the sinks we listed would work perfectly even if they don’t have an apron front.

We start with bathroom sinks made out of copper or with a copper theme that are priced from $0 all the way up to $250. If you have a farmhouse home and a country themed bathroom, you will have a difficult decision choosing between all of the wonderful sinks below. If you are looking for something specific in this price range that you don’t see, scroll down to our farmhouse copper sinks list for even more products.


Farmhouse Copper Bathroom Sinks Priced $250 and up

The price can usually tell you the quality and detail of the sink you are buying. The products below all cost $250 or more and many are hand hammered, heavier material, and more customized. Not that the copper bathroom sinks above aren’t high-quality, but the options below are going to be even more durable and long-lasting.


Choosing Copper Farmhouse Sinks

In case you haven’t been able to make a decision yet, we have plenty of buying tips and strategies below for farmhouse sinks. We cover everything from price to style to design to color. In addition, you will find inspiration from beautiful homes that can help give you a visual.

Copper Bathroom Sinks vs Copper Kitchen Sinks

One of the major differences you will find right away is that bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks vary. Bathroom sinks are usually shaped circular, square, or rectangle with an above mount or under mount design. Kitchen sinks can feature apron-fronts as well as double copper kitchen sinks. You can also notice the difference in size and the size of the drain right away because bathroom sinks are smaller while kitchen sinks are much larger. Your house can look best if you have copper farmhouse bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks.

Sink Styles

The most popular styles for copper sinks are rustic and farmhouse. You will also find cottage, coastal, beach, country, modern, contemporary, and traditional copper sinks. With the variety of sinks to select between, it’s easy to decorate any home with a copper themed option as long as it fits the color scheme.

Sink Colors

For the most part, copper sinks are usually the color of a penny with some darker and lighter color shades as well. They are generally a brown color with darker shades up to espresso and lighter brown colors as well. The key with color is to match copper farmhouse sinks with the rest of your home. If you have a home that is predominantly white, on the coast, and features white cottage colors, a brown copper sink isn’t going to fit as well in the kitchen without the right cabinets. If you have a country or rustic home in the woods, you can fit the entire home with copper sinks we have listed above.

Sink Brands

When it comes to brands for copper sinks, some of the most popular brands we carry include Kraus, Premier Copper Products, Soleil, D’Vontz, Ailee Designs, Vigo, Native Trails Inc., and more. If there are any copper sink brands you are searching for in particular, feel free to contact us and we can help you find what you need.

Farmhouse Copper Sink Inspiration

We pulled six different sinks from Houzz in the case you aren’t sure how to picture certain copper farmhouse sinks. All you have to do is go through the designs and click on the one you think would fit in your home. If you click on the link or the photo you will find the exact sink pictured for sale.

Farmhouse Copper Sink #1

The first picture for inspiration is one of my absolute favorite farmhouse copper kitchen sinks. If you can match it with rustic blue or rustic white cabinets to go along with granite counter-tops and a matching back-splash, you will be in love with your kitchen every single day.

adams farmhouse apron-front kitchen sink 33
Adams Apron Front Farmhouse Sink – 33″

Farmhouse Copper Sink #2

The second design features a deep single copper kitchen sink measuring 33″ with a wonderful design. It will fit in most country kitchens and features more of a light brown color.

ernst farmhouse kitchen sink copper 33
Ernst Farmhouse Kitchen Copper Sink – 33″

Farmhouse Copper Sink #3

The third design is a copper kitchen sink with a unique design on the front. It has an apron front farmhouse look but what really makes this sink stand out from the crowd is the scroll design.

ganku farmhouse kitchen sink with scrolls antique copper 33
Ganku Farmhouse Kitchen Sink with Scrolls – 33″

Farmhouse Copper Sink #4

If you can match your copper sink with bronze colored drawer pulls and white cabinets your kitchen will be out of a magazine. Improve your homes style and functionality when washing dishes with the Adams apron front copper sink.

adams farmhouse apron-front copper kitchen sink 33
Adams Apron Front Copper Farmhouse Sink – 33″

Farmhouse Copper Sink #5

In the fifth design, the copper sink is matched with white walls, white granite counter-tops, and black cabinets. Personally, it would look better with stainless steel appliances but who am I to complain?

courbet farmhouse kitchen sink antique copper 30
Courbet Farmhouse Kitchen Antique Copper Sink – 30″

Farmhouse Copper Sink #6

Last but not least, we have a large curved apron front farmhouse copper sink measuring at 33 inches long. It is a huge, deep copper sink that is the focal point of the kitchen in the design image attached.

farmhouse copper sink with curved front apron kitchen 33
Curved Apron Front Farmhouse Copper Kitchen Sink – 33″

In Summary

Farmhouse sinks are beautiful and the copper versions work great in a country home. You can quickly upgrade your home decor and improve your interior design. Farmhouse decor has become extremely popular so you want to get the best products possible.