Farmhouse Tablecloths & Rustic Tablecloths

farmhouse tablecloths

When you are looking to add style and elegance to your dining room, farmhouse tablecloths can be a wonderful option. You might need something to protect your farmhouse dining table. However, it can be difficult to find a lot of options in one place.

We put together a list of farm style tablecloths that you can use in your dining room. You don’t necessarily need it on the table every day, it can be used for parties, events, and family gatherings.

Farmhouse Tablecloths




Farmhouse Table Runners


How to Choose Rustic Tablecloths

Tablecloths have been around for centuries but are most notably associated with European nobility. This filtered down into working-class households but gone were the delicacy of lace and crispness of the finest linen. Within working homes, we saw the style emerge of farmhouse tablecloths. We give some ideas for choose farmhouse table coverings below.

Farmhouse Tablecloth Styles

Farmhouse tablecloths can bring a softness to a rustic kitchen. Looking at styles like the French farmhouse, with its typically white linen base and smooth lined edge, it is not difficult to see why it is a classic. Or for that more authentic farmhouse table covers you might consider a burlap tablecloth trimmed with white lace. Another style that has stood the test of time is the country woven tablecloths, famous for their bold patterns and tasseled edges. We can also see a range now of modern farmhouse tablecloths which take on some of the styles of the authentic farmhouse but with the modern twists that reflect our modernized era.

New Farmhouse Dining Room Styles

Kitchens and dining areas have had a huge revamp in style. There are plenty of farmhouse dining room ideas to use for inspiration. And in recent years there has been a growing trend of return back to the old farmhouse rustic style. However, it has been modernized with large wood tables, shabby chic farm themes, and hardwood floors. In addition, kitchens have updated appliances, large islands, bar stools, and updated styles. This kind of kitchen and dining living certainly has its benefits: large work surfaces, a sociable environment, and the family is centered around a large farmhouse style dining table.

Popular Tablecloth Shapes

With a range of shapes to choose from you can make a subtle or bolder statement with your farmhouse tablecloth, from the oversized round to the square, rectangle or even runner. Farmhouse tablecloths are not only used to for decorative purposes, but they also have a practical use too – protect your table from the wear and tear of everyday life. And some people choose to use their farmhouse tablecloths only on special occasion to impress their guests or to avoid spills and scratches.

In Summary

My personal favorite is something subtle that will help making your dining room pop. With hundreds of styles to choose from such as the buffalo check, burlap, lace, red stripes or plaid, you certainly have a difficult decision. One you make your purchase, it will create a different atmosphere in your dining space and can make your table the heart of your home.

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