Farmhouse Benches & Rustic Benches

farmhouse benches

One of the best options to add seating to a dining set is to use a farmhouse bench. Not only can it be a different color and style than your dining set and dining chairs, it also provides seating for 2-3 people. In addition, farmhouse benches can be used in bedrooms and living rooms for additional seating. We put some of our favorite rustic benches below.

Farmhouse Benches



Why Purchase a Farmhouse Style Bench

The farmhouse style is increasing popularity in furniture design because of the warmth and inviting ambiance that it creates in a home. Wood dining benches are a characteristic piece of furniture to this style. They’re usually made out of solid wood or sometimes steel or iron to create that rustic and cozy vibe.

Having rustic benches in your home can help you create a farmhouse decor vibe with a trendy style. The colors usually include white, grey, different shades of brown, and neutral colors to give the furniture a natural style. This way you create familiar accommodating spaces that light up by themselves.

How to Choose a Farmhouse Bench

To choose the best farmhouse dining bench for your home, you should take into consideration the materials and color palette, but also the style theme of the furniture.

For example, you can have a wood dining bench that has a modern shape and finishing with the classic natural colors to create a modern farmhouse theme. Decorate it with plants and other classic farmhouse elements to give it the final touch.

Consider Country Wood Benches

If you like a country style for your home, you should go for a more bold wooden dining bench with a weathered look. These types of benches are usually made out of the same wood, giving it a time-tested sturdy vibe.

Shabby Chic Bench Themes

You’ll also find a lot of shabby chic farmhouse benches in the market. Adding one of these to your home will give your dining room a more elegant and feminine atmosphere. People tend to decorate these benches with plants, books, paintings, pottery, and other farmhouse elements.

Antique Rustic Benches

Finally, one of the most popular farmhouse decor styles is the antique and distressed one. For a vintage themed home, these rustic benches are the cherry on top. You can find them in distressed wood, iron, or steel with a different finish that given them the vintage look.

In Summary

Any of these farmhouse bench styles will create an inviting dining room to allows you to spend quality time with friends and family.

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