Farmhouse Dining Chairs & Rustic Dining Chairs

farmhouse dining chairs

Many contemporary homeowners have been forgoing more modern designs in favor of the simplistic albeit warm, cozy, and full of character, farmhouse decor theme. Farmhouse dining chairs and dining sets are absolutely beautiful in a country home. In addition, there are plenty of shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from. We put together the best rustic dining chairs below so you can complete a dining set.

Farmhouse Dining Chairs


Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Signature Design by Ashley Bolanburg Modern Farmhouse Upholstered Dining Chair, 2 Count, Brown

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Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Christopher Knight Home Phinnaeus Fabric Dining Chairs, 2-Pcs Set, Light Grey

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Farmhouse Furniture & Dining Chairs

Farmhouse style furniture is frequently made from natural products like wood, iron, and sometimes steel which gives the furniture a natural weathered look. It should also be noted that farmhouse pieces tend to be organic and as such come in natural, muted colors including white, grey, beige, and light/dark brown.

About Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decor can be typified as incorporating different practical, rustic, and antique furniture pieces, pieces typically locally produced and of an artisan nature, into a singular design.

Additionally within the broad category of “farmhouse decor” there are several sub-styles (more specific farmhouse decor styles) that include country farmhouse, antique farmhouse, modern farmhouse, as well as distressed, weathered, and shabby chic.

Types of Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Below you will find information regarding farmhouse dining chairs in their various shapes, and forms including wood dining chairs, and other rustic dining chairs.

High Backed Windsor Dining Chairs

Coming in subtle colors like black, white, and grey, high backed Windsor farmhouse dining chairs are notable for their simple aesthetic appeal as well as their ability to complement almost any kitchen/dining room’s color schemes and patterns.

X-Backed Dining Chairs

These wood dining chairs provide a classic, rustic design, very similar to what you might expect to find at a countryside antique shop. The beauty of this farmhouse dining chair is that it is both durable and supportive (via the X back design) as well as being compatible with almost any existing decor and color setup.

Spindle Backed Dining Chairs

Perhaps most identified with farmhouse chic, spindle backed dining chairs are often stark white and can be seen in many classic movies and media depictions of “farm/ranch life”. The beauty of these wood dining chairs is their ability to provide a distressed/antique look while also being extremely comfortable, a result of the spindle back’s angle which provides owners with an almost built-in recline.

Metal Farmhouse Dining Chairs

Metal bistro style dining chairs are perfect for a farm home. You can find metal chairs in all sorts of colors ranging from white to brown to light blue to black. Regardless of the colors, styles, and quantity you are looking for, rustic metal dining chairs can be a great option.

In Summary

If you are looking for a combination of style, comfort, and durability you cannot go wrong with farmhouse decor and more specifically with farmhouse dining chairs. Farmhouse style furniture is not only wonderful looking in a home, it’s also practical as well. You can instantly upgrade your farmhouse dining room with a new table and chairs set.

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