Farmhouse Placemats & Rustic Placemats

When it comes to decorating and creating a great table design, farmhouse placemats are a very underrated product. They can be used to indicate positioning on the table, create a sense of style and add a unique design touch, depending on the occasion. We put together a huge list of rustic themed placemats below that you will love.

Farmhouse Placemats



How to Choose Farmhouse Themed Placemats

Farmhouse placemats can play an incredibly special role. They offer features that can’t be found in any other kind of placemat, but it’s important to know the rules as well as what the design possibilities are.

Rustic Placemats and Tablecloths

The first choice is to decide if farmhouse placemats should be used with a tablecloth. Opinions vary on this—some people think it’s an either-or choice, while others think it’s a situational decision that depends on the occasion, the season and the number of diners. The good news about farmhouse dining room placemats is that if you decide to forego the tablecloth, they offer as many different looks as any kind of placemat on the market.

Rustic Star Placemats

A farmhouse star, for instance, can be used for a country-style dinner, while a tapestry pattern can be used for more formal occasions. And that doesn’t even begin to get into the possibilities offered by rustic farmhouse placemats, which come in so many designs that they can be used for both formal and informal dining.

Farmhouse Fabric Placemats

Don’t ignore the fabrics, either. Because farmhouse table placemats are so versatile, you can get a quilted look, heat resistant placemats, traditional linen or silk with a farmhouse-style design or a rougher material like burlap.

Farmhouse Table Runners and Placemats

If you use farmhouse placemats with a table runner, make sure to decide on your basic look, and balance the colors carefully. Stick to the same color family, use similar design elements or create design points to help give you the look you want.

Seasonal Placemats

Another possibility with rustic farmhouse placemats is seasonal designs. These kinds of placemats are ideal for the holidays when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, and a more conservative design can be used for traditional religious holidays like Easter.

How to Position Farmhouse Style Placemats

No discussion of farmhouse placemats would be complete without a discussion of the role they play in positioning. Each farmhouse placemat should be placed in front of an individual chair, and you can also mix and match patterns, depending on the occasion. If you have a special guest, you can highlight that person’s presence by using a different style or color scheme to make it clear that that person is the guest. of honor.

Other Placemat Decoration Options

Finally, remember that farmhouse placemats have decorative possibilities that extend beyond the dining table. Some people like to use them as wall decorations, and if you decide to go that particular route then the sky’s basically the limit. If you have strong straw or wicker placemats, they make for beautiful wall decorations as well.

In Summary

You obviously need decorations for your dining room table, which can include centerpieces, tablecloths, table runners, and/or placemats. Placemats can be easily changed and you can also keep your dining table bare until you are eating and entertaining. Hopefully, you are able to find what you are looking for above to complete your farmhouse dining room decorations.

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