TORCHSTAR 6 Inch Recessed Can Light Trim, Air Tight Baffle Trim, IC-Rated Anti-Glare 6 Inch Can Light Trim, Self-Flanged Recessed Light Trim, White, Pack of 6 Price: $49.94 (as of 10/11/2023 05:11 PST- Details)

Soften Glare Light: The white metal step baffle reflects the lighting from the bulb and makes the illumination softer and well-balanced without glare or flickering, reducing the irritation to your eyes
Standard in Size: This trim is designed for recessed cans with an inner diameter of 5.9-6.3 inches and a height of 6-7.25 inches and ceiling lighting fixtures with E26 sockets, this trim fits for Halo/Juno remodel recessed housings. Suitable for both IC rated and non IC rated housings
High Compatibility: Works with the most common bulbs in your daily life, such as PAR30, PAR38, A19, BR30, BR40 and same size halogen, incandescent and LED light bulbs. Also could reduce the costs of maintenance or replacing light fixtures

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